Thursday, December 13, 2007

I defer to...

Hello bloggie people. Sorry for the lack of posts but I'm feeling really naff. This stupid cold I have won't go away. So seeing as I'm tired, full of snot and ready for bed, I hear by delegate this next post to someone who's been asking me to let them post for a while. So without further addo (is that spelled right? who cares), here is a post right from Mix Tape Girl.


Okay first of all it's "ado" A.D., just so you'll know. I see you rolling your eyes at me. Hmmff..I bugged A.D. to let me write a post but now that I'm here I have no idea what to say. Hi, I'm Mix Tape Girl. (waves politely...that was lame) I'm just filling in for A.D. till he gets up on his feet again. Which he would have if he would go to a doctor like I tell him to, and stop going outside in the cold and wet weather. Men. Oh okay, I do believe I know what I'll post about. That's what this blogging thing is called right, a post? (A.D. gives me a thumbs up so I'm okay there) I'll just post about todays events from my point of view. Well events from this afternoon anyways.

My BFF: Are they still up there?

Me: Yes they are.

BFF: Does it take that long to install wires?

Me: Are you kidding? They were done over an hour ago.

BFF: So why are they still up there?

Me: They're sorting things out.

BFF: (Looking out window to roof) Huh? But their just standing there. Their not even talking.

Me: Yes I know. It's a guy thing.

BFF: So can't they do that inside.

Me: That would be too easy. Again as A.D. says, its a guy thing.

BFF: But it's cold and drizzling outside. Their going to get sick.

Me: You mean sicker.

BFF: A.D. will anyways.

Me: He loves the cold. He says it makes him feel better. The colder the better.

BFF: He's nuts.

Me: That's what I said. Besides I've already yelled at both of the to come inside just before you came. They just nodded. I told him if he gets sicker he's taking himself to the doctor. And not to say that I didn't tell him so.

My BFF and I sip our hot chocolate and sit at the table talking. I glance every so often outside to check on the boys. Their standing on the edge of the roof over looking the wooded park area of the subdivision. The steam from their mouth and noses looks like their smoking pipes from where I sit. A.D. and his BFF stand up there not moving not talking. They've known each other for years. It's creepy in a way, but utterly cool at the same time their friendship. Well they're more like brothers. Each one knows what the other is thinking without saying a word. A.D. asked his BFF to come over today after his work to help him do some computer cable thing. I don't know exactly what, something to do with a server or something A.D. bought to start his business project. In short his new office has wires everywhere and its a mess. His friend has had quite the year. Getting in a major car wreck that nearly killed him and his father. And now he just learned yesterday that company he's working for (a major electronic retailer) is going out of business and he'll be out of a job by the end of the month. After working there for about twelve years.

As they were in A.D.'s office tying computer lines together, the spoke maybe all of five words between them. But they handed each other tools and equipment that each other needed without saying a word. It's interesting just to watch them interact. Honestly A.D. is a very quiet, I would say shy person if you didn't truly know him. But his friend is even more so. He doesn't drive yet, doesn't drink, always extra cautious about doing things. I laugh to myself when I think that A.D. is the more outgoing of the two, as seeing them together you would never guess. But together they are a ever thinking unstoppable machine. And I say this because it's true. Get them together on a court for some basketball and you'd see what I mean. This in fact is true in other aspects of things they do together. It's been a long while since they've actually DJ'ed together but when they do, its amazing. I definitely need to get them to do another party and spin together, it's been far too long. Watching them work the vinyl and CD's and laptop and their other equipment is a sight to see. I shall have to think of a way to plan this.

I talk to my BFF some more. We're discussing "girlie things" as A.D. ever so eloquently puts it. I look up again out the window. No movement, yet. The drizzle is slowly turning into light rain. "A.D. get your butt in here now! You're going to get sicker!" I scream to myself in my head every time I look out. Finally having waited long enough, I get up and go outside to tell both of them to come in. I yell out at them and get a response. A.D. looks down at me and smiles. The look of deep thought disappearing from his face as he smiles at me. My BFF throws his cowboy hat up to him. He puts it on. His hair coming out from the sides. He needs a haircut, it's getting long again. A.D.'s BFF, looks at him and nods. A.D. voice is deep and says, "We have an accord then." His BFF nods approval. They both slide down the ladder and come inside.

A.D. speaks to me and I can tell he's losing his voice. He's talking from his diaphragm more than usual. His usual deep voice sounding deeper and more like a low growl than it usually is. He sounds like the way Batman talks in the movies. (Can you tell I've been watching his movies? I'm making Batman analogies.)

A.D.: I'm driving BFF home. I'll be back in a little while.

I acknowledge and they leave.

My BFF: Is he mad? His voice sounded all dark and evil.

Me: (Laughing) No silly. He's just losing his voice. You know what? Let's go to the store. I've a feeling that he's going to be needing some NyQuil tonight and I know he doesn't have any. Oh and you can help me figure out how to get them to DJ again too.

Okay as I finished typing that last line, A.D. was looking over my shoulder. Apparently men "don't have BFF's". I asked him what his kind call them. He didn't know but apparently BFF is strictly verboten, and any such reference can mean the man police can take away his man license for that kind of mention. At which point I told him that I was typing the post and he had better had taken the NyQuil I got him. He coughed and went away.

Well sorry if that post stinks. I'm sure it did. But it's my first. I would like to have typed something nice and elaborate but it's late and I want sleep.


6th Floor blog said...

Well, Welcome Mix Tape Girl! It's about time he let you post.

and I think us guys don't have BFFs is because we don't feel the need to quantify the relationship. We're secure in the 'forever' part without actually having to say it all the time. Even the 'B' is mostly unneeded. It's implied and understood to be the person who will be, or was, the Best man if there was to be some sort of wedding thingy.

Mix Tape Girl said...

Thanks. Glad you liked the post. I think I understand what you're saying about "BFF". But is that the same as a "Wing Man?" Oh well too confusing for me.

On the plus side I found out what A.D. got me for X-Mas by reading his last few posts. He he he.

Artful Dodger said...

Dammit!! I knew I should've edited my last few posts. What else did you read?