Saturday, October 04, 2008

I like moose

Pterodactyl Lady: arm and shoulder hurts so much!!

Me: Take some Advil or something.

Sane Lady: You're probably getting carpal tunnel.

Pterodactyl Lady: It hurts everytime I move my arm.

Sane Lady: Does it hurt when you're typing?

Pterodactyl Lady: Yes a lot! Especially when I'm using the moose.

All together: The moose??!!! (with a puzzled look on our faces)

Pterodactyl Lady: Yes the moose! See! (picks up the mouse)

The rest of our team busts out laughing.

Me: Yeah, my arm would hurt too if I was moving a moose around all day.

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Ceetar said...


Hell, I don't think it really looks like a Mouse either..