Thursday, May 01, 2008


Me: What are you doing here?

MTG: I took off early today. I thought it would be nice to go to lunch together.

Me: Oh yeah sure. Let me just finish sending out this e-mail.

MTG: Did you know a car flipped in the parking lot right outside the building?

Me: No way!!

I run to the window and look at the wreck, my face pressed against the glass like a kid. The the other ladies in the office are looking out too.

Me: Awesome!

The other ladies show more concern. What can I say I work in an office full of grandmas. And I kid not when I say the median age is 58.

Me: They must have taken the turn too soon into the drive way and hit the elevated part and flipped over.

MTG: Probably on their cell phone and missed the turn. Uhmmm...lunch?

Me: Oh yeah, hang on.

I finish my e-mail and we take off. We take off and head the opposite direction to avoid the traffic and emergency vehicles in the parking lot.

MTG drives and really doesn't say anything, which seemed really odd. I try to imagine what's going on in my head.

We pull up to a cafe that's near by my work and go in. We find a booth and I slide in to one side and as normal expect MTG to slide in on the other side. Instead she slides in right besides me.

Before I can ask her what's up, the waitress comes for our drink order. We both know what we want already and order our drinks and lunch at the same time.

MTG looks tired. I'm not sure what to say so I simply ask her, "What's wrong?"

MTG: Nothing, really.

Me: Are you sure?

MTG: Yes, I just...I just wanted to see you that's all.

Me: Aww..too sweet.

MTG: I just had a hard time sleeping last night and weird dreams and...I guess I just wanted to see you.

Me: I think you're just stressing out.

MTG: I am. Just got the jitters that's all. Don't worry I'm not running.

Me: Well I'd be lying if I didn't say I got the jitters too.

MTG giggle and leans over and kisses my cheek, leaving lipstick lips on me. I reciprocate. (no lipstick though)

MTG: I got the dress.

Me: Which one?

MTG: Pic # 3

Me: Nice. You looked amazing in that one when you tried it on.

MTG: Thanks.

Our lunch comes and we talk more. MTG finally relaxes and I get her to laugh enough to have Diet Coke come from her nose.

MTG: I hate it when you make me laugh when I'm drinking. This always happens.

Me: It's a talent.

MTG: (running her finger over the rim of her glass) You know it's been almost 10 years since we meet each other.

Me: Can you believe it?

MTG: Doesn't seem like that long.

Me: If memory serves me right, it's you that really started talking to me.

MTG: Really?

Me: Yeah when we first worked together, I mean you trained me and stuff and then moved depts, then I didn't see you for a while. Then out of the blue you sent me a message saying, "Can you make me laugh?"

MTG: And you did.

Me: And I did.

MTG: And you have been since.

Me: Try to anyways.

I'm not sure what else to do so I hold MTG's hand in mine. She squeezes it hard and puts her head on my shoulder.

MTG: Do you remember when you first asked me out?

Me: Yeah, you shot me down.

MTG: Well, I said I can't. Not at the time.

Me: I still took it as a no.

MTG: I really meant yes, but I was too afraid to say so.

Me: That information could have been most useful back then.

MTG: I'm sorry.

Me: It's okay, things worked out even better.

MTG: They did.

We finish our lunch and MTG drives me back to work. I go back to my office and the grandma's are going over me.

Pterodactyl Lady: Look! Look! He's got lipstick all over.

Me: Not all over.

Lady that drinks and eats most unhuman: Ahhhhh...what were you up to during lunch?

Me: Oh you know lunch and making out.

OHHHHHHHHH!!! They all say in unison. I can't help but blush. But I didn't rub the lipstick off. That's just for me.


gizmorox said...

You guys are so cute. You'd be weird if you didn't have jitters, trust me. I know a girl getting married tomorrow and she's been a basket case for two solid weeks, and she's had a year to plan. And MTG, I bet you'll look spectacular in that dress :)

Beth said...

How sweet. I didn't realize you and MTG had been together so long.

Artful Dodger said...

No we are getting really jittery now. But we're not basket cases just yet. That'll be sometime late Thursday.

Yeah Beth 10 years doesn't seem that long. To be truthful we've just really only been friends that entire time. But I suppose it's natural seeing as we were always out together anyways. And I wouldn't want to be with anyone else.