Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sympathy for the Devil

So a devil, and angel, and a ninja walk into a Pizza Hut and place an order. No this isn't a joke. I was the Devil, A.D. was an angel, and a friend of ours was a ninja. Did I mention we were at Pizza Hut? Dressed up like this.

Long story short we were invited to a costume party by a friend of ours. Well they had plenty of snack food and sweets but no real food. So at A.D.'s, craving for pizza we left to the Pizza Hut down the street to pick up some pie for the party. We arrived got out of the car, and walked in. People of course stopping to stare at us as we walked in.

Now it's odd though, we walk in and order. The clerk says nothing. A lady was standing behind us, looking at us, but said nothing. Some other customers where there but said nothing. I sat on the bench while A.D. and our friend were trying to win a stuffed animal from the crane machine. The lady that was behind us sat next to me. I could see her glancing out the corner of her eye at us, but she said nothing. The clerk behind the register was looking at us but said nothing still. Finally a little girl came up to me and asked:

Little Girl: Why are you dressed up like that? Are you bad?

Me: Only on certain nights.

Little Girl: Really?

Me: You'll learn when you get older.

Little Girl: Can I see your horns?

I took off my horns and placed them on her head.

Little Girl: Hissss!!! (turning to the lady next to me)

Me: Okay, I need those back now cutie.

Little Girl: Thanks.

Me: Bye.

Finally the lady next to me spoke.

Lady: So what's with the costumes?

Me: We're at a costume party and just came to get some food.

Lady: Oh. Uhm, so why is he dressed up as an angel? (Pointing to A.D., who was pointing at which stuffed toy was easier to pick up from the machine, to our friend the ninja)

Me: I think he just got lazy and put on whatever he found.

Lady: Typical.

Lady: (Speaking to clerk) Doesn't this surprise you?

Clerk: Nah. We get Indian people and stuff in here that are dressed in all sorts of weird stuff. This is pretty tame.

Me thinking, "Great now I feel so mundane."

Just then A.D. and our friend the ninja, start yelling and hopping up and down. They were able to get a pair of fuzzy dice out of the machine. Boys are so easy to please.

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