Wednesday, March 28, 2007

C1: Hey what happend to your arm? What's with the bandage?

C1 looking at giant bandage on friend's arm.

C1: No You Didn't??!!! Tiggers gone isn't he?!!

M: Yeah I had to take him off.

M got Tigger on a long ago all night bender from a trip we went on. M had too much to drink and was willing to do anything. Anything being a tatoo. I tried to talk him out of it at the time being somewhat sober, but M wouldn't have it.

(flashback a few years ago)

M: Don't tell me what to do. I can do whatever I want. Bring it on fool!!! (In drunken talk)

C1: No man don't do it. Come on, trust me,

M: Quiet menso. I want a ferocious animal on my arm. Like a dragon or a....(spaces out a few mintues)..or a uh.....leprechan. No no!! A tiger, with fangs and everything.

C1: Mire stupido, don't do it. You'll regret it.

M: Silenco cabron. Take me to the shop.

I reluctantly took M to the tatoo shop, knowing he'd do something dumb. He took forever trying to pick out a muy ferocious tiger, but didn't find any to his liking. Thinking that this would end it and we could go home, I was ready to go. I was wrong.

When he couldn't find what he wanted he drew it on a napkin. And of all things, he drew Tigger, from Winnie the Pooh. The tattoo guy stared at him trying not to laugh at his drunkeness. Even trying to talk him out of it. But to no avail. And thus Tigger was put on his right arm.

The next morning M woke up and to his surprise Tigger was there staring him in the face.

M: What happend? How'd I get this? (Said M extremely hung over)

C1: got drunk and wanted to get a tatoo of a ferocious animal. A tiger.

M: What the? You tricked me didn't you??!!

C1: Mire pinche cabron, I tried to talk you out of it.

M got very mad and demand we go back to the tatoo artist. He stormed in.

M: Hey, what's this!!!?? Who put Tigger on my arm??!!

The tattoo guy was still there.

Tattoo Guy: That's what you asked for!

M: No (bleeping) way!! Like hell I did. I would've wanted a real tiger or something.

Tattoo Guy took out the napkin drawing of Tigger he still had on his shelf from the night before and gave it to M, explaining he drew it and asked for it.

M got quiet and pulled his at down on his head almost covering his eyes, and walked out silently holding the napkin and staring at it.

Tattoo Guy and I laughed.

Since then Tigger was always a reminder of going too far. We talked fondly of Tigger, like he was an actual person. Fun times.


C1: Why'd you take it off man?

M: I got tired of looking at that stupid thing everyday. Reminding me of my one crazy night.

C1: It could have been worse. I said.

M: It's ok, I still have the napkin.

C1: At least that. Poor Tigger. R.I.P

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