Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Blah, blah,blah

I look at MTG through the reflection in the 360 mirror that I'm standing in front of, she sits there drinking a jack and coke and eating M&M's. The tailor has his measuring tape out and is making sure the cut for my new bespoke dress shirt is just so. He has the template from the last time I ordered a dress shirt, but he makes necessary adjustments as its been a while. Pinning more cloth in here, loosening a little there.

The building that the men's clothing store is in is new. They used to be in an old section of the mall across the street, but they finally moved into their own building. I've been coming here for quite sometime now. I usually buy all my formal and work wear from here. Just about everything I buy is tailored and since I basically wear suits all week long I pay a higher price for quality, but I'm content in the knowledge that these clothes will last 5 times longer than anything I buy at retail stores. I like the new store, its wide and bright and opened. No longer stuffy and old like it was in the mall. The same people work here. There's rows of fabric on the far walls, and suits that are pre-made you can get hanging there too, or you can have then hand made which I prefer. They still sell pre-made clothes but their not brands you can find at regular department stores. Well maybe Neman Marcus or Dillards. They have a large sitting area now that you can wait in as the salesmen and tailors wait on you hand and foot. You sit there in front of a giant plasma telle drinking anything you can ask for. Soda, water, tea, coffee, latte, a nice scotch, whiskey, jack and coke. And its all free. Well...actually I suppose it's a little to spend on customers on drinks and snacks, when you're there your probably going to at least spend no less than $1,000 bucks.

I had to get a new white dress shirt, as I pretty much completely destroyed my last one. And I only had it for 3 months. Stupid me I left a piece of chewing gum in my front shirt pocket. I didn't want to take the whole package of gum with me so I just put a single piece in my pocket. But I forgot about it and then washed the shirt, and put it in the dryer. Well basically the washer chewed the gum for me in the pocket and the dryer cemented it into the fabric. In other words it ain't coming out. Now my once favorite white dress shirt is now worn by MTG around the house as rumpus wear. I mean really it just looks like a stain on the pocket but damn it when you spend $140 bucks on a shirt cut only for you it hurts when you realized that it's your fault you messed it up.

So here I stand arms up being re-measured. I figure since I'm here I might as well go the whole nine yards and get a couple of white shirts and a couple more in different colours. As well as a new suit. After we finish the measuring the tailor takes me to decide on the fabric. The white is easy, but the style of fabric takes some mulling over. However the other two shirts takes at least an hour for me to decide on, as I try to decide the colour, if it should be solid, striped, texture. I finally decide on one deep burgundy red, and one blue with thin yellow stripes. Then I have to decide the style of cuffs, the collar style, buttons. It's a long process. And that's just the shirts.

I have time to waste right now as my surgery isn't scheduled till Monday morning. Seeing as I have plenty of time off, I decided to get this done. Besides I know they'll be done before I even have to go back to work. Well the shirts will anyways.

MTG seems to really like this place. I wonder why? Me thinks the drinks and M&M's. I had to get out of the house as I was getting buggy from being in doors all day and since the weather is finally nice enough to go out and about in. I still kinda upset though that I have to wait till Monday for surgery. But I'd rather wait and have the same doctor who worked on me last time, work on me again. He is very good. But I must say the pain gets a little worse everyday. I have more tests I have to take tomorrow. How much blood do they need to analyze? My arm is going to be a giant purple lump from all the needles that have been going in it.

Oh well better safe then sorry. MTG helps me pick out a few ties, and I pay and we leave. I just spent a good amount of cash and it feels weird paying that amount and walking out with a small bag of ties and collar stays and handkerchiefs. Well by this time next week my shirts should be done. I just need to remember not to put gum in my pocket again. Stupid, stupid stupid.


Beth said...

You're quite the bon vivant, aren't you, with your tailored shirts? I'm impressed!

Are you worried about Monday? I can come sit with you, like I did my sister after her gall bladder surgery. Just serve wine, okay?

Artful Dodger said...

Yes very much so Beth. And their oh so comfortable. I am worried about Monday, terrified. But MTG is keeping me company so I'm ok. Being all manly and not showing fear, though I told her that I am nervous. Yeah, you can come over. Please do I have lots and lots of wine and snacks and a nice small courtyard to watch time go bye in. ^_^