Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Here we are now entertain us...

Damn it!! I had something funny and witty to say then MTG started talking to me and I completely forgot what I was going to blog about. Drat!! Hopefully I'll remember soon.

Anyways, I'm thinking up of a little game to play with my fellow music lovers out there. Basically what song did this line come from sort of thing. So here is the first go at it:

Where does this line come from?

"Christ you know it ain't easy, you know how hard it can be, the way things are going, their gonna crucify me."

Here's the twist, in order to answer this you must give me the song title, name of the artist/group/band, album it came from and date it came out.

What you didn't think I would make this easy did ya? Muahahahahahaha!!!! (evil laugh) But you cannot cheat. Repeat you cheat you're disqualified. That means no Googling, Yahoo, MSN, or whatever the above lyrics to find where it came from. You either know or you dig through your own music collection to find out.

Of course I wouldn't make you do all that work for nothing. I'm thinking a personal mix tape as a prize. You choose the mood of the music you want to listen to, and I'll make it for you. How's that? Sound good? Splendid.

Now on to other things that made my day. I signed up for emusic's, ebooks. I loved it. At first I wasn't going to get the book thing, but I checked and they had "Love Is a Mix Tape" on it and so I couldn't resist. And Rob Sheffield himself narrates it. Joy of joys!!! Oh and they also have a few other books that I love too that I plan to download. This is great for jogs and the conundrum of what to listen to at work. Sad to say crazy lady at work was playing her sad bastard country music again at work today. Even Pterodactyl Lady agreed that it was too early in the week for sad bastard music. Grrrrrr..and she had it cranked too. I like country but you can only take so much. I swear I'm going to disable her sound card if she doesn't stop. >:{

PS: I still can't remember what I was originally going to write about but oh well.

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gizmorox said...

I knew the song and artist, but never in a million years was going to get album and year, so I googled it anyway. And you're fired! Because according to wikipedia, which is obviously never wrong, it didn't come out on an album, but as a single. Hee. :)