Thursday, October 11, 2007



What? It's not supposed to rain!! What gives?

I'm looking out the window on my staircase into my small courtyard outside. The rain is pouring. I just got home and wanted to go for a jog. I guess not today. And I got all dressed up to go jogging for nothing. The trail at the park I've been going to is probably a big mud slide by now. Oh well.

I'll use this time for blogging, which I am sorry that I haven't been updating lately. Well life happens and things take away your time. But it'll just be a quick overview as I know think of the package of ground sirloin in my fridge that's been there a few days and I better cook it before it spoils.

First off some idiots keep bloody calling my mobile. I've told them they have the wrong number, but they won't listen. I'm tempted to put their phone number out on the web and let the pranksters have at it, if they don't stop. It's some stupid lady and some guy looking for some girl. As the last text message I got from them says: "Hey crazy gurl. Wake up. Want 2 no if you want 2 take us to the store. Lalo Y Sandra, Siempre Amor". I talked to the lady first cause she's the one that kept calling at first. I told her she had the wrong number, she seemed to understand. Then I'm guessing Lalo tried calling. He sounded like a complete idiot.

Lalo: "Hey gurl, what's up?"

Me: You have the wrong number, stop calling me.

Lalo: What, who are you? I don't have the wrong number.

Me: Yeah you do.

Lalo: No ah don't. Hold up. (yells to some lady in background) Aye!! What's up with this number? Some dude keeps answering. (lady responds that they have the wrong number) Oh

Me: I hang up.

They stopped for a few days but Lalo is at it again. Stupid idiot. I've a good mind to reverse address his number and get his address and put it on the net. The internet can be a wonderful thing.

Anyways on to other things.

MTG Dad: Hey how soon can AD get over here for food?

MTG: What?

MTG Dad: Do you think he wants to come over? He lives nearby right?

MTG: Yeah...(surprised he's asking about me)...uh yeah he does.

MTG Dad: Call him and ask him over. I've BBQ'd too much meat.

MTG: (Still in shock) Ok..

Now I know this probably doesn't seem like much but this is actually a huge deal. MTG's dad actually asking about me. Me. I repeat again, ME. I've thought he hated me, after all he did try to kill me with his atomic pickle. In fact I was just there the night before and he practically ignored me the whole time before he went to bed. Which I got used to, but for him to ask about me and want me to come over was a huge thing for me. MTG too. Needless to say when she told me: "Dad wants you to come over for dinner." I didn't say no, even though I was no where near home. And he actually talked to me. Seriously he did. Nothing spectacular just guy stuff. But he talked to me without interrogating me or giving me the evil eye. I feel so accepted, but in the back of my head I can't help but think that maybe he poisoned my food or has some diabolical plan for me ahead. But I'm choosing to think for the best.

I actually threw a small party this past weekend too. I would have so loved for some of you all to come. But alas we don't live near each other so I could not. I made Chicken Parmesan, the first time I've ever tried it and it came out pretty good. We ended up watching The Prestige, (awesome movie) while most of my friends were there. MTG went home to pick up her sister and change. She was also going to make a cake (well she made the batter and brought it with her to cook in my oven.) a rum cake, but she didn't have rum so she brought amaretto with her instead. It came out wonderful. And when she came back she dressed in something well....lets just say it was just for me. Ok if you're curious it was like this pic of J. Lo from Esquire, but with not that big a bottom, but an even prettier face.

After most of my friends left, MTG, MTG Sister and one of my last remaining friends watched French Kiss. Which I enjoyed actually. Unfortunately much to my sorrow, MTG couldn't stay after the movie was over as she had to take her sister home. Curses!! But she did stay after my last friend left for a while longer. :) But there's no need to go there.

Now for the scary screwed up part of that happened. I went home to visit my parents. When I got there my dad was about to wash his oversized land yacht of a van he has. I hate that thing and hate driving it even more. Anyways when I pulled up I decided to wash it for him along with wash my car while I was at it. So I did. I washed he rinsed off and dried his van. I detailed my car. All was good. We finished and my mum wanted to go to the store so I took her in my car. We were there for a good hour or so. It was a good morning, and then went back home, thinking everything was fine.

We get home and go in through the garage door. Everything seemed fine, my dad was probably inside already as all the stuff to clean the cars was already put up. I opened the garage door and stepped into the kitchen. Taking a few steps in I notice something on the floor. It's my dad. At first I thought that he was doing something from the way he was positioned. Like spraying for bugs which he does often, on his stomach looking under the couch. Then I noticed the dinner table pushed halfway against the wall in a random way and a chair flipped upside down and broken. I dropped the grocery bags and ran toward him.

AD: Dad!!! (I scream)

No response.

AD: (again I yell) Dad!!!

By this time my mum has walked in the door.

I touch my dad's back as he's lying face first on the ground a little blood coming from his mouth. At first nothing and then he moves a little.

AD: Call an ambulance.

Dad: No. Leave me. In God's name, leave me.

AD: No, you need help.

Dad: I'm ok. My muscles just stopped working again and I fell.

AD: I think you should get checked out.

Dad: There's nothing that can be done. I'll get up on my own, don't touch, it hurts too much.

My father suffers from post-polio syndrome. Every year I watch as it makes him weaker and takes away more of his life. It's not a good thing to see. This disease which eats away the muscle and nerves, renders my dad incapacitated at times. His legs/lower half of his body will simply seize up and he'll fall to the ground. As much as you want to help him there is nothing anything in medicine can do other than pain killers. And it limits him but he will never admit this, he will never stop. At times his whole body will seize up in a big muscle spasm, leaving him unable to move. And all you can do is watch and wait till it passes. It's not fun when you find him lying there unable to move.

I move aside as my mum gets a chair for him to sit on. Slowly he moves and picks himself up. Any touch to his body would send his muscles into another shock so I cannot help him, I can only watch as he slowly recovers himself. He finally stands and dusts himself off, wiping off the blood from his busted lip with his handkerchief. He sits down at the table which my mum has put back in place and tells me he'll be alright. All I can do is believe him. When I leave I tell my mum to let me know if she has to take him to the doctor. I know she will. A few days later my mum calls to check on me and tells me my dad's out to the store, so I know he's ok.

And thus is a quick recap of this past week and weekend. I'll write a few more things that happened later but I must start cooking that ground beef now before I get too lazy and forget. Although I'm not hungry in the least.

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Beth said...

Your poor dad! Seriously, there's nothing a doctor can do?