Wednesday, April 16, 2008

If tomorrow never comes

I'm jittery. Really for no good reason. Well..I should find out what the total cost of damage is to my car tomorrow. Although it is under warranty, but still I have to pay for small stuff I'm sure. I've been doing research since I've gotten home. It appears the Catalytic Converter/Engine problem is a huge issue with Nissan cars that Nissan refuses to acknowledge. But really it's not the car itself that has me worried and on edge.

No, no. It's much more serious. To me anyways. For just about an entire week now I have gone without a whole slew of my Mix Tapes (CD's). They're sitting in my car. Yes I have satellite radio, and even the rental they gave me has satellite. But my mixes, oh my wonderful mixes. I haven't had a chance to hear them on the way home from work. And making news ones is not the same. I want my mixes. Grrrrrr!!! Yes I know I'm a total dork for being on edge over my mixes. But that's me.

MTG thinks I'm nuts. She made me a rental car mix, just for kicks. Some how she managed to get me to help her move furniture to her office today. They bought some new desks for her employees, and some file cabinets. Long story short, me and her dad somehow ended up being the delivery guys. Me carrying furniture around with a busted toe and everything. Was not happy after moving the stuff. Or I should say my toe was not happy. Although she made up for it, by cornering me in the stair well for a quick make out. He he. Though to be honest I think she kept kissing me to keep me from complaining about my toe. Hey it worked, for a moment I completely forgot about it.

Now dammit, I want my mixes back!!! Not even the IPod can help. And after reading this over, this post makes no sense what so ever. I think I shall go to sleep now.

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6th Floor blog said...

Nothing like a good meaningless rant though for making you less jittery.