Thursday, April 24, 2008

Time to update

Sorry for the lack of posts, been a bit busy lately. I got my car back, Yay!!! Though it's not starting properly. Booo!!! My car has a new engine etc, from the one the dealer blew up. It runs great, but thus far I've been having a problem with it not wanting to turn on. I turn the key and nothing happens. It's done it a few times, fortunately when I'm at home and not out. I know its not the battery as I just changed it earlier this year. So I have to drop it off again tomorrow to get them to fix it right. I hope they don't finish destroying my car.

In other news, here is an excerpt from last weekend.

MTG sitting on the couch, flipping through a bridal magazine.....

MTG: There's so much to choose and do for weddings.

Me: You know we don't have to have something extravagant. Maybe something simple. Just a small place with our super close friends and family.

MTG: I'm leaning in that direction too. I really don't want a lot of people there.

Me: We still haven't made a date.

MTG: Yeah I know. Mom and Dad are getting anxious. Yours are too.

Me: I know.

I continued to do the dishes while MTG checked her e-mails.

MTG: When were you planning on doing your LASIK procedure?

Me: I haven't set a date yet. But I'm thinking June. I have my appointment Tuesday to see if my eyes qualify for it.

MTG: Hmmmm.....

Me: What?

MTG: No, I'm looking at some travel e-mails my friend sent me.

Me: Which one?

MTG: S, she's a travel agent.

Me: Anything good?

MTG: Well.....

Me: What?

MTG: Amalfi Coast...Positano.

Me: (Dropping dishes in water and running over to see e-mail.) Lemme see

MTG: See

Me: What, is that for two people or just one?

MTG: (Checking rest of e-mail) For two people.

Me: I have time off. You?

MTG: Yup

Me: Find out more info.

The next day.

MTG: S called. She said she could book us round trip and everything for $XXXX.XX (uber cheap)

Me: Really?

MTG: Yep. Her boss will give us a big discount for one catch.

Me: What's that?

MTG: It would have to be a honey-moon special.

Me: Oh...when would it have to be by?

MTG: Third week in May.

Me: Hmmm....well.

MTG: What do you think about doing a wedding in two weeks?

Me: Sure, why not.

MTG: Something really small. I don't want to get all big. I know a few relatives that would get mad but I just want something small we'll remember.

Me: That sounds fine to me. I already have a tux so I'm set there.

MTG: I know the dress I want already.

Me: Sooo......

MTG: In 2 weeks from next weekend?

Me: 2 Saturdays from now.

MTG: If that sounds okay. Or later then just immediately leave on the trip.

Me: I think the earlier date is better.

MTG: Moi aussi. We'll start a list of invites tomorrow and hopefully have it done by this Tuesday and ready to mail out.

Me: Okay. We can just get some fancy paper and do the invites on the laser printer.

MTG: Sounds good. How's 100 - 120 people sound.

Me: Is that considered small?

MTG: In my family, yes.

Me: Right then.

Thusly within the last week we've found a place to rent for the reception, etc, etc. And I got one of my friends to DJ. Uncles who wouldn't take no for an answer when asking how much to have them cater the wedding. So that's free and taken care of.

Ah and even before I thought of it, MTG already has the song she planning for us to dance to. But per her request she wants to know what you think so here it is. It's a remake of the Bee Gee's "How Deep Is Your Love" only by "The Bird and The Bee". So your input is much appreciated. I like it.

Oh and one more thing to get your opinion on. Has any of you ever had LASIK done? I'm seriously considering it but I wanted to get input from other people first who've had it. MTG had it done but she's the only one I know who's had it. So any input there is appreciated too.

Going to sleep now. Too much to do tomorrow. Will try to update more soon.


BeckEye said...

You're getting married? Sheesh I've been out of your blog loop. Well, congratulations!

I've never had LASIK, but my brother did and he loves it. I'm too much of a wuss to have people poking around in my eyes. Every time I see people getting it done on "Extreme Makeover" or something, it makes my stomach turn.

gizmorox said...

Holy crap, you're getting married in two weeks? That's the most spectacular thing I've ever heard. I have so many friends who are planning such huge things and losing their minds over them. Good for you guys!

Mix Tape Girl said...

Thank you both. Gizmo, Artful and I are really losing our minds. Who knew having a wedding is so much work. Regardless it's small and simple. Though I am enjoying watching AD squirm on a few things. he he. And if you guys were here, you'd totally be invited.

gizmorox said...

It is crazy, the amount that goes into a wedding. I wish you the best of luck. Don't lose too much hair!