Friday, November 02, 2007

Just ranting

I'm feeling much better now. Yay!!! The cuts in my body are only annoyances now and I'm able to move about now pretty well. Not quickly but pretty well. Though I'm a bit slow going like an old man. Which is much better cause Monday and Tuesday I was hunched over like Mr. Burns cause I couldn't fully extend myself.

MTG has been awesome, so nice to have someone there for you. Although I was quite mad at her this morning. She made scones this morning. The smell was wonderful. OMG you should've smelled it. I was laying in bed and the wonderful smell woke me up. Mmmmmm.... Then she came upstairs and got dressed etc., etc, and left for work. But before she left she told me she left some breakfast for me downstairs. So here I was all hungry because of the smell. Honestly I was compelled to get up and eat me a scone. The aroma was amazing, it was like on those old cartoons when you can see the smell from a pie of something and it goes into the characters nose and then turns into that hand that tells the character to come. Yeah just like that. So I got up brushed my teeth and hurried downstairs to eat me a scone. To my surprise when I got downstairs there were no scones to be seen. Nowhere, and I looked everywhere. Instead to my horror there was a pot on the stove with Cream of Wheat in it. Great Scott!!! I've been had!! When MTG called me a few minutes ago I asked her about the scones. She told me she made them for work. For work? Dammit!! Foiled again!!! Although she couldn't stop laughing at me for getting me up thinking I was going to get some scones only to find a pot of Cream of Wheat. How wretched.

On the subject of food now. I don't know what it is but when your supposed to stay away for certain food for a while, bloody hell if it doesn't want you to have it more. I could kill for a nice juicy hamburger. Hell I'll even settle for a McDonald's burger. I'm up to here with eating soups and crap. And don't even get me started on the Tofurkey that we had last night. BLeeeechhhh!!!! That is not for human consumption!!! I imagine that would be like what Soylent Green would taste like. It's people, PEOPLE!!!!

On another subject my parents convinced me that I needed to come and stay one night over so they could get a chance to look over me. Although my bedroom has been made into a storage unit. There's boxes everywhere, my mum's Tupperware stuff she does, all the baby's toys and stuff for my nephew. I had to clear out a walking space just to get to the bed. So I stayed over Weds night. I should have stayed at home. They now go to sleep at exactly 9 pm, and I don't just mean go lay down. No, no, they're completely out upon hitting the pillow. So I'm sitting by myself watching this small 20 inch telle downstairs that I really can't hear because my dad turns the volume up so loud he blew out the speakers so its a mumbled mess after the volume bar goes past 5. The morning was ok though as my mum made pancakes. Yay pancakes!! But then while I was eating, they got up and changed and said "We're going now. We won't be back till late tonight." What? You asked me to come over and now you're going out for the day? Of course all I could say was, "Ok." Oh and so I don't forget during breakie, by dad kept yelling at me to do stuff like I didn't just have surgery. Things that involved heavy lifting. "AD move that there. Reach up and get that. Get the laundry for me." It's probably not quite right but to imagine my dad just think of Charlie's dad on "So I Married and Axe Murderer," only without the Scottish accent.

Well I think I'm done ranting. As I'm alone I just might sneak out and get me a burger. Mmmmm...yes burger. Muaahahahahahahahaha!!! (evil laugh) Oh one more thing. As if watching the telle wasn't bad enough I started watching the Home Shopping network. Which convinced me that I needed a few things that I didn't. Do I really need this vacuum machine that sucks the air out of bags for easy storage? Among some other things. Oh and I bought a new computer from Dell. Which I already setup. It's awesome. Yay!! I ordered a new telle for my bedroom too. But don't order a telle from Dell, here's why. They don't keep the telle's in stock and they have to order them. The expected shipment date isn't till 12/15/07 with the deliver date being the day before X-mas. Dammit again!! I'm thinking of canceling and ordering me a new laptop instead. At least I can get that before the end of the week. Honestly I ordered that telle last week and it'll be over a month and a half to get it. I should have just gone to the store and bought one before hand. Sigh* Maybe I still will.

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Beth said...

So glad you're doing well, even without a scone. Hope you can down that burger soon.