Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tick, Tick, Tick

2:30 PM

"See you all later," I say on my way out from work. I'm on my way to my doctors follow-up visit. I thought it was at 3:30 but they called to confirm and I found out it was at 3 pm. D'oh!!

I hurry to my car as I only have 30 mins to get to the Medical Center half-way across town. As usual people get in the way and go slow. It seems like its on purpose but I know its not. I weave in and out and make my way slowly to the doctor's office. The highway is quick but it takes forever at the lights.

2:50 pm

I'm stuck at a light. I could have pressed the gas and ran through the yellow light. But it probably would have turned red and someone would have hit me, as the intersection is very large. I sit and wait.

2:53 pm

Make it past the light to the other light in front of the doctor's office. Wait at light.

2:55 pm

Light finally turns green for me to turn. I turn and rush into the parking lot. It's a pay to park lot so I have to grab a parking ticket before I can even go in. I park in the first available spot and grab a magazine/book to read from my courier bag. I rush inside the building.

2:59 pm

The elevator I get in at the building sounds like its going to fall apart. The doors clang open when it arrives on the 1st floor. I get in and hope for the best. I rush into the doctor's office with a minute to spare.

3 pm

I look at the parking pass. The first 30 mins are free, 1 hour is a dollar and so on. I don't know how long I'll be waiting. I think to myself. Does the parking attendant take the bank card? I don't have any actual money on me. There's no ATM in this building? Crap I only have $1.05 on me in change.

3:10 pm

Still in the waiting room. I'm reading my book (it's actually a literary magazine with short stories, poems, and interviews with authors) that I picked up at Barnes and Nobles. I read a couple of really interesting fiction stories and a few poems. I look at my watch. My free 30 mins is almost up, is all I can think.

3:25 pm

Oh no, still in the waiting room!! What if it takes forever? I'll have to go walk to find a bank or something to get some cash. I check my wallet. Dammit!! I left my bank card on the table at home. I took it out yesterday and put it in my shirt pocket when I picked up some take-out. When I got home I put it on the table with the receipt. I forgot to put it back in my wallet. Dammit!! Now I can't even go to an ATM to pay to get out.

3: 35 pm

Still in the waiting room. A lady walked in. She told the girl behind the fuzzy glass that she was late as her friend was driving her and got lost. She's an older looking lady. I glance up from my book and then pretend like I'm reading. The words and lines are blurred and I'm just staring at them, because all I can think of is how I'm going to pay for parking.

3:37 pm

An old lady comes out from behind the back of the office and the CNA tells her they will see her later for her other check up. She calls me back to one of the rooms.

3:40 pm

I'm in the first room by myself. It's an old office but very well kept. Parts of it has that old wood paneling which I hate. There's a nook with a bench thingy built in with storage in it. There's a sign taped that says "NOT A TRASH CAN" on it. I think this is funny as it doesn't look like one to me. But obviously someone threw trash in it so they had to tape the sign on it. The examining table is extended up-right into a chair position. I'm sitting in the other chair on the floor looking at Jessica Alba's face stare back at me from the magazine they put in the rooms while you wait. Tick, tick, tick, its so quiet I can hear my watch tick.

3:45 pm

Still no doctor. I try looking at my book again I see it as a blur. The rooms getting stuffy. The air is barely blowing through a small slit in the ceiling. It lets out a soft whistle as the air goes through. I get restless and look at my watch and worry about the time. Will I have to call MTG to come get me out of the parking lot? That's silly I think and daydream the scenario. "Sweety, I'm stuck in a parking lot and need 2 dollars to get out." I can see MTG making fun already.

3:50 pm

I start getting jittery. I feel insane. I'm stressing over not being able to get out of the parking lot. In five more minutes I won't be able to pay. I can't help but start laughing. As soon as I do the doctor comes in. He looks at me puzzled as to why I'm laughing. I say nothing. He asks me some questions and checks out my wounds. I always feel odd when letting someone else touch me. Well actually the whole removing the shirt thing and being poked is what irks me. It's just odd. I tell him a few things bugging me and he tells me that's normal and will happen until my insides are fully recovered. Just take some pepto or tums for now he says, if it doesn't go away call me. The whole thing take exactly 3 mins.

3:55 pm

I'm getting my parking ticket validated by the receptionist. Damn!! I missed my time. I'll be over 60 mins by the time I get downstairs.

4:00 pm

I saunter out of the building and get in my car. I figure I'll plead my way out of the parking lot with $1.05 and charm the lady at the booth. I drive up and hand the lady my ticket. She scans it through without even looking at me. "Okay, that's it," she says. I guess I didn't have to pay because of the validating. I drive off, and laugh at myself for getting all worked up over nothing.


Beth said...

God (or MTG's spirit) was watching over you, child.

Artful Dodger said...

I'm just glad one of them is on my side. :P MTG did still make fun of me when I told her about it later.

Beth said...

Love that girl.

BNI Member said...

I've spent more than my fair share of time in traffic on the way to the doctor, waiting in the waiting room for an excruciatingly long time, and then waiting AGAIN for the doctor to grace me with his presence.

You'd think there would be a more efficient way to do it. Doctors ALWAYS run late...so why don't they use a better scheduling technique? Oh well. I'm new to your blog, but I really enjoy it so far. Keep it up!

Artful Dodger said...

Welcome BNI Memeber, to my blog. What's BNI stand for? Now I'm all curious. Anyways, welcome, to my silly postings.