Friday, November 16, 2007

So much for that

So it's my turn to take care of MTG. She woke up all sick today. Ewwww.....I say as I tease her. She retaliates by smearing her hand on me every times she uses it to cover her mouth when she coughs. Wretched. She's got some sort of bug and is out of it. The doctor gave her pills and told her to rest. It's not the flu but it's some bug. So it's my turn to take care of her. Although carrying her to bed when she was running a fever hurt a bit. She's still tiny but I don't think I'm supposed to carry more than 30 pounds just yet. Or so said my doctor, due to the surgery. But I got her upstairs and managed to put her to bed and wrap her in warm covers.

It's cold down here again!! Yay!!! It was almost 90 degrees for most of the week!! Can you believe that!! It's crazy. But it should get close to freezing tonight. I love the cold. I thrive in it. I get all energized and happy. I must have polar bear blood in me cause it just makes me feel so good. The colder the better. Oh and I sleep so well when its cold. Which people who stay over (and sometimes Mix Tape Girl) complain about especially at night when I drop the temp to sub-zero. But I have too if not I'll never fall asleep.

I was going to post this nice elaborate posting but it got too late. I was at my desktop putting music on a new Muvo 100 that I got just for my car. But I screwed up and basically erased 2 and a half hours of configuration and custom sorting and play-lists. All because as soon as I started syncing the music, I remembered one song that I forgot to add. So I stopped the sync. Well once you stop you can't start again without erasing everything and starting over. Stupid me didn't save the settings and it all went bye-bye. D'oh!!! All because of one song. And I had it all mapped out the way I want it. Crap. I'll have to do it all over tomorrow.

Well its late. I think I'm off to bed and wrap myself in oversized blankets and make a cocoon till morning. Have a good weekend.

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