Thursday, June 19, 2008

That looks good.....hey!!??

I stopped by the bakery today on the way home to pick up a few things. Whilst there I picked up a few sweets too. Small things but got me a nice Pan de Huevo (you might no them as Conchas), all cocoy and everything.

I get home put the bag down change and come back down stairs. I pour me some punch, (can't do milk), and get a plate and take out my Pan de Huevo. looks good all flaky and coco on it. Then it happens, I turn it around and....BAM!!!

Me: What the? There's a bite taken out of this!!

MTG: I just wanted a taste.

Me: Ah man.

I rifle through the bag and see some of the cookies have nibbles too.

Me: Why didn't you just eat these?

MTG: Like I said, I just wanted a taste.

Me: (sigh)

MTG: It was delicious. Thanks sweety.

Me: Your welcome.

MTG comes over and gives me a kiss, cocoy breath and all. My Pan de Huevo had been corrupted. Corrupted I tells you!!

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