Saturday, June 28, 2008

Smooth Moves

After a long and arduous day one likes to come home and find sanity. Today was not that day. But it did make me laugh so hard that I took away a days worth of work crap.

I come home and everything is normal. I can smell the laundry being done and AD is obviously upstairs, no doubt folding clothes. And I walk into the bedroom, and to my amazement, AD is there with a puzzled look on his face staring at a bunch of my bras that have been laid out on the bed.

At first I looked shocked. At least he wasn't trying them on or anything.

Me: What on earth are you doing?

AD: I can't figure out how to fold these things. The best I can do is bunch them up and stuff them in your drawer but then they took up too much room so I had to take them out. So then I took out some folded ones to see how you did it but I got lost.

I stared blankly for a minute.

Me: How can you not know how to fold a bra?

AD: I know how to take them off. (Said with a smile and wink)


I grabbed one, laid it out. Grabbed it by the middle letting it fold in two and then folded it over itself. Easy peasy.

AD: Ohhhhh....

Me: Now clean up the rest.

AD: Please would be nice

Me: Sorry, please.

AD: Want me to wash the one you're wearing?

Me: Smooth move, but not right now.

AD: Curses, foiled again.

Me: No I just said not right now.

AD (Nothing but smiles.)

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gizmorox said...

Well at least he wasn't trying them on :)