Sunday, June 22, 2008

Unlimited Power

It's 7 am, and the light peaks through the blinds in the bedroom. I barely open my eyes and watch as the light slowly rises through the window and finally a spot lands right on my face. I groan and pull the comforter up to hide myself from the day.

AD's already up and taking a shower. I smell the fresh scent of his lime soap and see steam from the shower. I wiggle my legs and feel the ache from dancing nearly non-stop the night before. We attended a wedding of a friend of ours. It was great, and small just like ours. In fact we helped set it up even in the same place. But everything aside we just got to be guest this time and not worry about anything. It was splendid. As soon as the music came on AD took me to the dance floor. And we danced and danced. Waltz's, two steps, cumbia, bachata, salsa, merengue, fox trot, swing, lets we forget disco and just freestyle to some 80's tunes.

But I will say that my favorite part was just slow dancing while being held close by AD. In fact when the DJ didn't have a song he requested, he went out to the record store down the street and bought it and brought it back. It was the perfect song for all the couples.

But that was yesterday. Today I'm feeling it. I'm really sore. My calves and hips, heck everything waist down is achy. Definitely need to work on the whole endurance work outs at the gym. AD finishes his shower and changes, and kisses me good morning. It's not even 8 am yet. He's a bundle of energy ready for the day. Me, I'm not moving just yet.

AD: I'll make some quick breakie and then put the brakes on your tires and then finish those cabinets for your books.

Me: (with my eyes barely opened and more groaning then speaking) ok

And off he goes. I smell the eggs, bacon and pancakes cooking, while I lay in bed. Albeit AD absolutely hates eggs, he knows how to cook them just the way I like them. I finally rouse myself up and shower and change. I'm in slow mo today. Unlike us, our friend had no booze at her wedding so I went to bed already feeling a bit tired. Oh well.

I head downstairs and find the breakfast AD made. He's already outside in the garage, I hear the clank of tools on the ground. As I peak out the screen door he's already got both back tires off and is already dismantling the brakes. I'm taking my first sip of coffee. I finish eating and thumb through the paper. I clean the kitchen and decide to clean the rest of the house. It takes me forever to vacuum and mop and sweep. By the time I finish sweeping the downstairs, AD is already done with the brakes and is proceeding to wash my car by hand.

I barely start mopping when AD comes in for some water. I yell out to wait outside the door as the floor is wet and I'll bring it to him. He waits patiently and I bring him both water and limeade in a couple of huge mugs. He heads back to the garage. And informs me he'll be right back as he needs to drive my car around and test the brakes. He leaves and I finish mopping. I feel like I'm dancing again swaying back and forth with the mop. This actually helps a little as it loosens up my legs. I bow to the mop in gratitude when I'm finished. This dancing partner doesn't talk back though.

I start dusting by the time AD comes back. The next thing I know I'm hearing the table saw going. He's starting on some cabinets he's going to make for my books and nic-nacs. I told him just to by some shelves but he was insistent on making them himself. I head outside for a bit to check on him. Already nailing the sides together as I approach, he asks what color I want the cabinets painted. I tell him black as it will fit in with the mondern look of the upstairs study.

I then notice a big gash on one of his hands.

Me: What happened? Doesn't it hurt?

AD: Oh I cut my hand on one of the old brake rotors when I took it off your car. It's fine.

Me: Let me bandage that at least.

AD: Well...can you wait till I'm done?

Me: Alright, if it's not hurting you.

I return inside and finish cleaning and doing laundry, washing his laundry still seems foreign to me. I manage to gather enough strength to change the bedding and even wash the used linens. Before I know it AD's bringing the cabinets painted in all to hang. They go up in no time. He gets ready to go grab the boxes of my books and things to put up. I have to stop him.

Me: Wait!

AD: What's the matter?

Me: Just stop for a minute and take a break. I can't believe your not tired.

AD: Oh trust me, my legs feel like jelly.

Me: We can put that stuff up later. Just take it easy okay. What do you want for dinner? As in I'm going to go buy dinner cause I'm not cooking.

After the whole, "I dunno what do you want" with the answer "whatever you want", dilema for about 15 minutes I finally decide we're doing fajitas tonight and head out to get some. BTW the brakes work wonderfully. I actually like the way they feel now then before. By the time I get back AD had already reshowered and changed. We eat and sit on the sofa afterwards.

AD: My legs their killing me.

Me: Hello, mine too.

AD: You didn't get any blisters or nothing did you?

Me: Nah. You?

AD: No.

Before he can say anything else or protest I run and grab some stuff to bandage his hand. I fix it up relatively quickly with little fuss from him. Asides from when I accidently poked it too hard with a Q-tip when cleaning out the cut. Again sorry about that sweetie.

After that we sat on the couch for a while with nothing on. Finally AD got up and turned on the stereo and put on the song he requested last night. And we danced one more time before bed.

Here it is.

Say - John Mayer

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