Friday, February 15, 2008

Building a Mystery....

A post by MTG:

It was night time, early Thursday morning. Valentine's Day. The sky was dark and no light was shining through the windows. The weather had changed once more from cool to warm and humid in a matter of hours. I lay there with AD's arms around me, my head on his chest listening to his heart beat. I couldn't sleep much. I wanted to her the CD he made and put in my bag for me. I felt more excited than on Christmas.

AD was sound asleep but I kept dosing off and on. The humidity made my skin stick to his. I finally fell asleep. At 3 am I was awoken by a phone ringing. I thought I was dreaming it at first. It was AD's cell going off. Late night calls are never good news. AD finally woke up from his slumber, reaching over to the night stand, and knocking a few things over before finally grabbing the phone. I rolled over and lay my head on his chest again. Hearing the rumble of his voice resonate from within.

AD: What's the matter?

indistinct voice of a man on other end

AD: Do you know where you're at?

more chatter

AD: Do you see a street sign? If you do tell me what it says.

more chatter

AD: And you're sure your out of gas?

indistinct "yes" and more chatter

AD: Alright sit tight I'm on my way.

He puts the phone down and reaches for his glasses, knocking more things over.

Me: What's the matter?

AD: It's my grandpa, he got out and took his car, he's lost and ran out of gas. I need to go find him.

Me: Let me go with you, you might need help.

AD: No it'll be okay. I need to get him home. Stay here, I'll call if I need something. I don't think it'll be too long. You can go back to sleep, you have work tomorrow.

Me: So do you.

AD: Yeah but I get off really early tomorrow, or today..what time is it?

AD got up and hastily threw on some jeans and shoes and was out the door. I watched as the car drove off. It was 3:15 am. My mind was going through different scenarios as to what was going on. AD's grandpa, (godfather actually, I'm not sure how this gypsy thing works, they're not blood related, I don't know how to explain, but he calls him grandpa) has recently gone through a hard time. Loosing his wife, then surgeries, being told he can't do what he used to do anymore. Changing him to a bitter old man, so much different than how he was when his wife was alive. He's loosing his memory, he can't remember people close to him. He snaps at everyone. But for some reason he remembers AD and me and is nice to us. I lay there thinking what it must feel like for him to loose the most important person to him. How that changed everything. How being able to take care of yourself and your wife, to suddenly having all your privileges taken away. No more driving, no more doing anything without permission, having someone help you eat and bathe and dress. I lay there thinking about all this, I pull AD's pillows close to me. They smell of him, his shampoo and aftershave. I think and I fall asleep.

At 4 am I am re-awoken by the sound of the door closing. I hear voices, AD and his grandpa.

Grandpa: Why can't we go?

AD: It's too early, your restaurant isn't opened yet.

Grandpa: What?

AD: It's too early.

Grandpa: Okay

AD: Do you want some coffee? I can make some.

Grandpa: Do you want some? I'll have some if you do.

AD: Yes I need it.

Grandpa: Okay

A few minutes later I hear and smell the coffee brewing.

AD: Have you eaten anything yet?

Grandpa: No

AD: Would you like some pancakes?

Grandpa: Haven't had those in years.

AD: So you want some?

Grandpa: Yes

AD: Okay, let me just go do something first.

Grandpa: Okay

AD comes upstairs. I'm sitting up against the headboard.

AD: I thought you were sleeping?

Me: No, just listening to you. Is everything okay?

AD: I don't know yet. He's acting strange.

AD calls his aunt to tell her Grandpa is with him. He apparently cut the lock to the fence at his aunts house and stole his car which he is no longer allowed to drive and had his license taken away. AD tells her not to worry he safely followed him to our house, he'll be here till they pick him up in the morning. Technically this is morning just really early. I hop out of bed to say good morning to AD's, Grandpa. He sees me and looks curious. It takes him a few minutes to figure out who I am. Finally it clicks.

Grandpa: Ohhhh..MTG

Me: Yeah, how are you?

He goes into a long explanation of what's going on, and he wanted tacos from his favorite restaurant but can't go as they aren't opened yet.

Grandpa: I'm sorry I woke you up.

Me: No, no it's ok. But I think I'll go back to bed.

Grandpa: Okay, goodnight.

Me: Night

It's now close to 5 am. As I lay back down I smell pancakes and bacon AD is making, I fall back asleep. Around 6 am, AD's aunt comes to get his Grandpa. I go downstairs to say bye. After it's all over, AD and I head upstairs. AD sits on the bed and then falls back, legs hanging off the edge.

AD: Sleep, so sleepy.

Me: You can call in.

AD: No it's okay.

The alarm goes off, it's 15 past 6. We both get up and go to work. I gleefully read my card and listen to my mix CD, AD made me. And my present, AD's watch, he gave it to me, since I wear it all the time. I like wearing his watch. I know he'll be calling any minute now.

AD: Thanks for the flowers.

Me: Ha ha ha!!

AD: All the ladies at work are jealous. This thing is huge.

Me: Well I had to go all out.

AD: I like my mix CD you made me. No......retraction, I love it.

Me: I love mine too. I gotta go though I have a meeting. TTYL

AD: Okay, bye.

I didn't get a chance to call again, I got so busy. I got home tired but happy. The door was opened in the courtyard, I saw some smoke coming out the side. "Uh oh", I ran inside. AD was cooking fillet minion on a cast-iron skillet, thus the smoke. Dinner was almost ready. Fillet minion, salad, wine, and chocolate souffle. (I know its missing the accent but I can't figure out how to do it.)

Me: When did you learn how to cook?

AD: I took classes a few of years ago when we lost our jobs. Figured on maybe becoming a cook.
(This would be between the time we originally met and then parted ways after a job layoff from the company we worked for. Though you probably didn't really need to know that. I'm a continuity freak, sorry about that.)

Me: I just might have to stick with you just for the food. (jokingly of course)

AD: Only for the food? I feel so empty.

Me: Alright that and your big Johnson.

AD choked on some salad on that one. I was just kidding. AD don't read this and get that inflated sense of self-esteem. ;) But it's true AD's cooking has improved greatly. He literally burnt microwave oatmeal when I first met him, all those years ago. Can you believe I've known you for 8 years already? Wait who am I talking to, I typed that like you're standing right here.

Then it was movie time. The Drafthouse was perfect as always. And how can one not love the Wedding Singer? And no kids. :) Huge plus. Although I will admit AD must have been on autopilot as he didn't say much. It was due to lack of sleep. Didn't even finish his beer there. I knew he was tired.

I drove back home, we both lay in bed, very tired.

AD: It's been a long day. I'm literally too tired to sleep.

Me: (moaning/yawning) yeah....


AD: Would you marry me if my last name was Gulia, like the guy in the movie.

Me: AD Gulia, MTG Gulia...hmmmm.....I dunno, I might need incentive like a huge rock on my ring.

AD: Not funny

more silence

Me: So my mom told you basically that in effect, she's waiting for you to be "officially part of the family"?

AD: Yes

more silence

AD: I think your dad is expecting me to be old school and ask for his blessing first.

Me: Yeah, that was the whole point of last Sunday which you missed.

AD: Crap

Me: I thought you were going to be there.

AD: I said the night before I'm going home and going to bed and think about being there.

Me: But whenever you say "I'm going to think about it" you do it anyways.

AD: The one time I don't....

Me: I'm just giving you grief.

AD: Oh..

AD: I didn't buy a ring or anything.

Me: So?

We're lying there staring at the ceiling...

AD reaches over and grabs one of my rings from the night stand, puts in on my ring finger on my left hand.

AD: Don't say yes don't say no. Just try it and see how you like it.

Me: Okay

Holding my hand out looking at the ring, and turning to AD.

Me: I like it.

AD: (almost asleep) Okay, we'll go get a real one this weekend.


Mix Tape Girl said...

OMG I didn't realize I just typed the longest post ever. I'm so wordy. I should get some sleep.

gizmorox said...

That is such a sweet story. It's ok that it's long :)

I'm glad Granpa's ok.