Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Super Bowl..Wait What Did You Say?

Just a quick post that has had me thinking about things ever since it happened. I was at MTG's parents house for the Super Bowl. No biggie. But this time her dad didn't rag on me, nope he was all nice and everything and insisted I sit next to him and watch the game. Hmmmm.....most interesting. Although in guy terms watching a game with another man is the equivalent of 5 hugs and a couple of phone calls. Without actually doing anything asides from maybe a high five here and there. Double that when you watch it with your dad or potential father in law.

Although the sudden and unexpected presence of another guy showing up threw me off guard. Did her dad invite him to mack on MTG? We both looked at each other like, what are you doing here and for whom are you here for? Like to male cats looking at each other. Fortunately he was there for one of MTG's other sisters. So after that was straightened out it was just fine.

MTG's mum made ribs for us and all the fixin's. Yum yum. But while in the kitchen she told me something. They were all standing there talking about there family. Suddenly everyone left to go wash their hands etc, so me and MTG's mum were left standing there, me putting food on my plate. MTG's mum turned to me and said:

MTG's Mum: You know , you officially become part of the family after your married, you'll find we have a lot of weird relatives.

Me: That's okay, I have plenty too. (But really thinking, "What did you just say?" Did you just give me your blessing to marry your daughter? Is that why MTG's dad is being extra nice to me? Am I being set up?)

I finished getting some food and couldn't say anything, just smile and nod. I barely ate what I got and was distracted all through the game.

Now I know what your thinking. Those questions sound like commitment phobe questions. But that's not the case. Would I like to marry their daughter? Sorry can't say here not yet. Maybe this would give you a clue. ;) But what about her, what does she want? Is what's racing through my brain. And why couldn't she had said this while we were both standing there together? See I thought about this the whole time at the Body Works exhibit, and ever since Sunday. I can't get it out of my head.

PS: Ok MTG I know you're going to read this. But you have to stay tunned for the answer to these questions very soon. Like next week. Okay.

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