Wednesday, February 13, 2008

V-Day Demands

MTG: Do not send me flowers at work tomorrow!!

Me: Why not?

MTG: I love them but I have too much stuff at work anyways. If you get them, just bring them home.

Me: Okay....

MTG: I'm putting your V-Day stuff I made for you in you work bag. Do not read/listen to it till tomorrow.

Me: Okay...

MTG: And stop saying okay all the time. Okay?

Me: Okay

I sit semi-listening cutting up a giant heart from red and pink construction paper. I'm going homemade this year. Somehow I've gotten glitter all over me. I just have to figure out where to put the googly eyes.

MTG comes tries to see the card I'm making for her.

Me: No don't look, it's a surprise. I can't look at mine and you can't look at yours till tomorrow.

MTG: Fine be that way. (She says putting glitter in my hair)

Me: Stop!

MTG laughs and runs out the room.

Me: (yelling down the hall) I'm going to cook dinner tomorrow!!

MTG: Okay, but were going to the movies afterwards. They're showing the Wedding Singer at the Drafthouse.

Me: Sweet!! I love that movie.

And I love the Drafthouse movie theater. They don't allow anyone under 18, no kids what-so-ever, and they serve real food and booze. Not that we need food but booze. Yay!! And Adam Sandler!! It should be pretty good tomorrow.


Beth said...

I miss our Drafthouse theaters.

Happy Valentine's Day, Glitter-coifed One! Be sure to give MTG a hug from me, too.

gizmorox said...

That theater sounds like heaven!