Monday, February 04, 2008

World Finest Mark Up

The door bell is pressed, (Westminster Abbey chimes through the house)

I open the side door and step out into the courtyard and walk to the gate. A young boy is standing there with a box of World's Finest Chocolate. I've seen this kid, one of the very few in the neighborhood. (Ok I admit I live in a semi-old people place. Mostly anyone my age is either artists with no kids or people who never stop working. The rest really are old folks, which is fine with me, I'm not a huge child person. Don't get me wrong I like kids, just only for a little while.) Where was I? Oh yes. The kid I've seen him before.

Me: Hey, what's up?

Kiddo: Hello sir. Wanna buy some chocolate?

Me: Oh World's Finest! I love that stuff.

Kiddo: Each bar is only a $1.50

Me: Wow, they've gone up. Used to be just a buck.

Kiddo: Yeah well you know with the economy and all.

I look at the box. He scratched off $1.00 and wrote $1.50.

Me: Hey wait a mintue. You scratched off the original price. What are you trying to pull? Are you even selling this for school?

Kiddo: Yeah it's for school. But I need some cash for myself too. Why, what do you care? I want a new video game.

Me: That's a heck of a mark-up, 50%.

Kiddo: I'm ambitious.

Me: Maybe I'll just buy it from some other kid.

Kiddo: I don't think so.

Me: Why not?

Kiddo: Because I'm the only kid in this whole place that's selling this stuff. I've cornered the market!! Ha!!

Me: Where do you get this stuff from? Am I on TV?

Kiddo: What are you talking about? Are you smoking something? If so then you probably really want this candy.

Me: I mean where do you get this whole, "I'm cornering the market" stuff?

Kiddo: I read my dad's Wallstreet Journal.

Me: What, why?

Kiddo: To get ideas to make money, duh!

Me: How old are you?

Kiddo: 11.

Me: And you got this whole business plan from reading that stuff.

Kiddo: Yep and movies.

Me: I dare not ask.

Kiddo: The art of good business is being a good middleman.

Me: Layercake

Kiddo: Yep

(looking about for a camera just in case)

Kiddo: Look you gonna buy some or not?

Me: I suppose I don't have a choice, seeing as no one else has them do I?

Kiddo: That's sound about right.

Me: All right, then give me three.

Chocolate and money exchange hands.

Kiddo: Thanks sir.

Me: You'll make a good middle-man someday or gypsy.

Kiddo: I already am.

Me: Let me know when you corner the market on Thin Mints.

Kiddo: That can be arranged, I can work out a deal with my sister.

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