Thursday, February 21, 2008

Fantasia Pop

We're sitting there eating our tacos for breakfast.  MTG and myself.  It's a new restaurant on the corner from my work.  It was a few minutes into eating our meal when I noticed it.  We were bobbing our heads and tapping our feet.

MTG: Who is this?

Me: I dunno, but it's awesome.

I asked the girl behind the register who was playing.  It wasn't the radio as it was the same artist playing for the last two songs.

"Bellanova" she said. 

Me: Who?

Girl: Bellanova.  Here let me write it down.

Bellanova - song Cada Que, she scribbled on a blank receipt on her note pad. 

Me: Awesome thanks.

It's not everyday you hear really good music at a restaurant, much less a Mexican one where Mariachi and Banda music is the norm.  It was early so the waitresses  were playing their own music on the  PC  instead of the  mundane music on the jukebox. 

The music was poppy, bubble gum pop.  Not kiddie or anything but really good.  I'm at work downloading it on my laptop right now as for some weird reason I was possessed   to bring it.  Glad I did.  Best of all it's in Spanish.  Really, when's the last time you heard a really great album in a totally other language.  I think I'm making this my pick of the week. 

There will be Spanish music dancing tonight.

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Beth said...

Looks like I'll be spending this evening downloading. If you and MTG love it, I imagine it will tap my toes, too.