Wednesday, March 19, 2008

100 Things

I've taken the Gizmorox challenge over at My Head is a Box Filled With Nothing. It took me forever but here it goes. Next---working on crazy 8's.

List 100 Amazing Things You've Already Done in your life. They don't have to be great achievements, though they can be. They just have to be things you deem amazing, original, worthy, or worth remembering.

1. I asked MTG to marry me and she said yes.

2. Went to 12 different schools growing up and came out as normal as can be, thankfully.

3. I do graffiti stickers. As in draw them, and make stickers out of them.

4. I DJ parties from time to time.

5. I’ve read every single Nick Hornby book there is.

6. I’ve driven along the cliff hugging roads of the Amalfi Coast and felt very proud of myself. Until an 80 year old guy in a moped passed me, played chicken with a bus and won.

7. First in my immediate family to go to NYC, and all by my lonesome.

8. I learned how to build a slot machine when I was in high school. And won first place in state competition for it for the VICA.

9. I’ve touched both the Atlantic and Pacific from both sides. As in East and West of each.

10. I won an art scholarship in school. (Sadly I never used it)

11. I was loan sharking by age 12.

12. Took a 20 foot drop when I was a kid and nothing happened.

13. I’ve been to the Takato Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan.

14. Been to S. Korea. Not as nice as Japan.

15. I found the Prada outlet store in Tuscany.

16. I have an ascot. Not that I’ve ever worn it but I do have one.

17. I have once drank a bottle of Seagram’s Purple Dragon in my car at work during lunch, and nothing happened. (I will never work in a call center ever again. I see the whole customer service industry in a whole new light now.)

18. I saw Jurassic Park 5 times in a row, at the theater when it first came out. (I’m a dinosaur freak.)

19. My friend told me that I once saved her life. All I did was stop this creepo from pulling her into his car while she was walking down the street. I just happened to be walking towards her at the same time. I wouldn’t call it bravery or anything. I just did what had to be done.

20. I’ve read and listened to Love is a Mix Tape about 12 times thus far. I’m listening to it on audio at work again. It should be 13 times by the times this is over.

21. I’ve been in a helicopter tour of NYC. That was fun.

22. I’ve stayed up all night talking over drinks debating if hip-hop has become unbearable or just predictable. And we came to this conclusion: It’s possible to become obnoxious and boring at the same time.

23. I admit, I do have a small but inclusive section of “World Music” in my collection.

24. I’ve taken and completed Salsa dance classes.

25. I can drive standard. Not just cars, but big trucks.

26. I can’t really play an instrument, but I can play Depeche Mode’s: Enjoy the Silence, Van Halen: Jump, and Gigi D’Agostino: I’ll Fly with You, on the keyboard.

27. I’ve had a the over the shoulder harness on a roller coaster break and come off me while going on the loop on the ride and lived to tell about it. Damn you Sea World!

28. I successfully made bookshelves for my house and they look nice and everything. Thanks Norm Abram’s how to books.

29. I won first place in regional dairy judging when for a brief time I lived in the sticks and was forced into the FFA (Future Farmers of America) at school.

30. Yes I can dance disco. There I admit it.

31. I successfully sat through four of the seven years of the movie 7 Years in Tibet.

32. Lemme put it this way. Everything they say about Cuban cigars…it’s true so true.

33. I’ve gotten through 33 of 100 of these meme’s. Damn.

34. I was able to talk airport security out of arresting my friend when he stupidly took a picture of my other friend while he was being randomly searched. Apparently that’s a huge no, no.

35. I won employee of the month about two jobs back. The ceremony sucked. We were in a huge hotel hall with EVERYONE there and they called my name and guess what, my picture came up on this gigantic screen. I repeat a GIGANTIC screen. My face on a GIGANTIC SCREEN. Not the best picture, I looked like I had just been arrested from a night on the town. But I’m still proud I won. Even though my picture looked bad, the one they got of my brother (we worked in the same place) was even more hilarious. Good times.

36. I’ve seen Phantom of the Opera for about the 12th time.

37. I managed (how I dunno) to have bought and paid for 2 new vehicles before the age of 25.

38. I’m proud of my Ikea art in my living room.

39. I sang In Deep’s: Last Night a DJ Saved My Life at karaoke on a competition on a cruise I went on and went to the next round. I was beat on the next round by some obnoxious lady singing New York, New York. Fortunately she was beat by some older gentleman’s rendition of Engelbert Humberdinck’s “After the Lovin’”

40. I can write with both hands equally well.

41. I manage to read every single magazine that I subscribe to every month. Cover to cover. I subscribe to about 5.

42. I can bake one hell of a cheesecake.

43. I had a small part in a homemade R.E.M. video that my brother and my cousins put together. They did a video to “Losing My Religion”, I played a janitor for some reason. I pray this video never sees the light of day on Youtube. Though it did make it on a public access channel.

44. I learned French.

45. Graduated from college for the above.

46. I finished college without ever taking out a student loan and no financial help from anyone.

47. I saved my cat from drowning when she was a tiny kitten. She’s been with me ever since. Though she now lives with my folks, as she wasn’t having anything to do with moving with me. Stuck up cat.

48. I learned how to handle fire arms at a really young age (8) and am one hell of a shot.

49. You know those guys who hold the camera cables for the big cameras on the side lines of football games? Yeah I did that too.

50. I have won free sodas from under bottle caps, several times.

51. I’ve actually told someone what was on my mind and said it exactly the way I wanted to say it at least once.

52. I made it through the ghetto on St. Maarten, after accidentally wandering into it.

53. Parasailing, so much fun.

54. I’ve watched the sunset and sunrise from a boat in the middle of the Atlantic

55. I’ve swam with dolphins in South Padre

56. I’ve meet Aretha Franklin.

57. Also Tony Bennett

58. And just about every single player who’s been on the Spurs roster. They all seem to shop at the Best Buy by work for some reason.

59. I have driven a $250,000.00 dollar car. And I understand now why people who drive those kinds of cars do so.

60. I have survived three surgeries thus far.

61. I’ve gotten to 61, damn my answers are running thin.

62. I now own 2 laptops.

63. I’ve been to Florida, if that counts. Going again in August.

64. My senior year of High School I got nothing but straight A’s the entire year. To be fair all I had was electives all year long.

65. I learned how to weld.

66. I’ve hog-tided and branded cattle. Castrated some too.

67. I’ve gone scuba diving and swam next to a whale shark in the Mediterranean.

68. I have seen Daft Punk in concert and danced to Around the World.

69. I saw the Chemical Brothers in concert too, but back when they were originally called the Dust Brothers.

70. I successful came up with a last minute speech in college for my English course after forgetting about the homework. I stood up in class with a bunch of pieces of blank paper and rattled a thesis out about how TV affects learning in kids. I got an A-.

71. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to meet Mel Brooks.

72. Don Rickles too.

73. I took a mixology class. I may not make a great bartender, but I can make some mighty fine drinks.

74. I own at last download over 30,000 mp3’s.

75. Alternately I own at least well over 800 CD’s.

The last 25 will be done by MTG

76. I’ve been to Poland.

77. Survived the craziness in NYC last year when the steam pipe blew up the street.

78. I’ve been to Chile.

79. I wear clear plastic pumps that light up on Fridays, and am damn proud of it. My happy shoes.

80. I’ve successfully commandeered two of A.D.’s three bedroom closets. Honestly how does someone end up with 3 large walk-in bedroom closets? I put them to good use.

81. I visited the Grand Canyon all by myself and took a donkey ride to the bottom.

82. Watched the sunset in St. Thomas V.I.

83. I grew up, with six other sisters. I should get a metal for that or something.

84. AD said this but I can drive standard too.

85. I don’t know what to say…uhm…they’re all natural.

86. I always get complements on my signing voice.

87. I must own at least 60 or so pairs of shoes. Which I so totally have room for now with AD’s extra closet space.

88. I have sewn at least two full dresses for myself which I do wear.

89. I can change my own oil. I never do, but I do know how.

90. I take it as a complement even though its weird, but I get complements on my feet, a lot. AD thinks this is odd, though he says they are cute.

91. The “test” was negative. AD posted about this a while back. Not that I wouldn’t have been happy with a positive, but we’re not quite ready for that yet.

92. I have thrown my bra at the stage of a particular concert. (You should’ve seen AD’s face when I said that)

93. I have written a nasty gram on someone’s windshield with my red lipstick. What can I say, they were asking for it.

94. I can do a ten minute mile.

95. I do the breast cancer run every year.

96. I have the most rockin’ red dress ever. That and the black one are major necessities of a woman’s wardrobe.

97. I speak English, French, and Spanish.

98. I’ve ran on the beach in California and watched the sun come up.

99. Almost done.

100. I said "YES" when AD asked me.

I won't tag anyone with this monster meme. But if you should so feel inclined, help yourself to it. I'll read your answers.

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