Sunday, March 30, 2008

MTG Update...Mix Tape Begins...

Well everything turned out as best as can be after the accident. No one was injured. Here's what happened. I was on the frontage road on the way home. There is a on ramp from another main road to the frontage road, but I have the right of way. Unfortunately there is also another on ramp from the frontage road to the highway in just about the same spot. So people cut across really fast from the on ramp, across the frontage road to the on ramp to the highway. They rarely ever yield, they just hit the gas and cut across traffic. Well that's what happened to me. I was hit by a truck in the rear of my car as he didn't yield and took off half my rear fender. But to make things worse, he pulls up besides me and tells me to pull up into the parking lot of the mall that's there. I turn into the parking lot and he hits the gas and gets on the on ramp to the highway. Son of a b#$ch!!! It was a hit and run and I didn't even get his license plate. Bastard!! Needless to say it ruined my week. Mix Tape Boy (AD) has been extra good to me though. (Thank you again for the flowers you sent to me at work. Je t'aime, mon amour.) My car is running fine other then the gigantic half ripped off rear fender. I've been pouting all weekend. So I'm making me a new mix. Here's the start of it.

Everything But the Girl VS Noel Sanger : Wrong Perfection

The Airborne Toxic Event: Sometime Around Midnight

Stars: Take Me To the Riot

Shiny Toy Guns: Don't Cry Out

The Cinematic Orchestra : All That You Give

The National: Mistaken For Strangers

The Mary Onettes: Explosions

The Russian Futurists: Precious Metals

The Beta Band: Dry The Rain

Stevie Wonder: I Believe (When I Fall in Love It Will Be Forever)

Oh and I'm so sorry if the links don't work. I have no idea how to do this so if they don't work, truly I am sorry. I think I got it right. But if their wrong...yell at Mix Tape Boy, I've had enough stress lately.


Beth said...

I guess you can't have a great beau and great accident luck at the same time. Glad you're okay.

But I'm lucky because I get to download some groovy MTG tunes!

gizmorox said...

I'm glad you're ok, and sad for your poor, innocent fender. Awesome music list though :)

Dale said...

Glad you're okay! I once saw a guy hit a girl rounding a corner near work. Luckily, he was going fairly slow and only tapped her. He got out of his car, she picked herself up and started yelling at him and he hopped in and sped off. Nobody got the plate there either.

I'm downloading your mix now so it's working!