Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Long Kiss Goodnight

The clock on the stereo turns another minute forward. It illuminates the bedroom a pale shade of blue. After a while my eyes get adjusted and I see everything in the room bathed in blue eerie light. I check to make sure the alarm is set on the stereo yet again. I've gotten up late for the past few days, shown up for work late. And quiet frankly I could care less.

I turn my head as MTG turns over next to me. She was sleeping, but now she's opened her eyes and is looking at me puzzled.

MTG: You okay? (she says softly, barely audible)

Me: Yes (I whisper back)

I'm sitting up in bed, leaning against the headboard. I took my earphones off as music is not helping my sleep. I watch as another minute ticks by and leaves forever on the stereo clock.

MTG: Don't forget to wake up in the morning, or you'll be late again.

Me: I know.

MTG: What's wrong?

Me: You know when you think about work and how you just get in a funk and are tired of doing what you do and suddenly have no ambition to be there anymore?

MTG: yeah

Me: That's me right now. I literally forced myself to go to work today. I went did my job and was bored the entire time. And I didn't care that I showed up late for the 2nd day in a row.

MTG: Be careful there. It's just a funk. I don't want to go to work tomorrow, no one really does. But we have to.

Me: Let's just stay here like a couple of hermits for a day or two.

MTG pulls me back down into bed from my sitting position. She runs her hands through my hair, it always calms me down.

MTG: I wish we could too.

MTG kisses me and I can't help but taste the cinnamon on her breath from her tooth-paste. She falls back asleep. I stare at the ceiling fan making shadows of the blue light from the stereo. I'll try to get up early tomorrow and smile at work. Lest I am again asked all day if "I'm okay".

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