Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I see you - Shout outs

Wow I bothered to check my ClustrMap at the bottom of my page. I totally forgot about that thingy. I'm impressed, people like me or something. So I wanted to say hello to you all. Most of you are from the states but I see one small speck over off in China. "Hello to you" I'm glad you got past the government censors to see my lame blog. I know one person in Australia and I don't even know if he still reads this thing. But if you do "Hey Jase". To the other 4 specks down under, "Hey" as well. And that looks like Indonesia but I can't tell but "Hi" to you too. also looks like a have a reader or two in Chile. Hello to you. A few in Argentina. Hello to you also. Ohh..Brazil too. Most awesome. Though I should really say "Hola" to you guys. That goes for you too in Columbia and Mexico.

To the people reading my blog in Saudi Arabia, hello as well. I wonder if you have a laptop and am reading this under the stars out there from a tent. Or you in some modern city and I have this crazy Lawrence of Arabia thing going on here. looks like I have a decent reader or number of readers in the UK and Ireland. So "Hi" to you too. And to my readers in the rest of Europe who probably came across my page by accident, "Thanks for stopping by too."

And to those of you here in the States, and Canada, my biggest readers thanks too. I've updated my Cool Peeps section to include blogs I regularly...okay..try to regularly read. Sorry if I read your posts but never comment. I am a shy creature by nature after all, and fear my comments wouldn't be worth your time. But I can be tempted to talk with a cookie now and again. Holy crap!! That reminds me my cookies should be just about ready. Who wants Chocolate Chip cookies?? Yay!!!


Beth said...

I see my big ol' red dot!

Artful Dodger said...

Seeing your big red dot over yonder always makes me smile.