Thursday, July 03, 2008

Girls and their summer dresses

Now from time to time I read..okay flip through AD's magazine subscriptions. No not the Playboy, though honestly PB, your magazine is basically GQ with bare tits, I've seen worse so I really don't mind AD getting them. Just yet anyways.

So I happened across AD's new GQ. Which just happens to have Gisele half naked on the cover. Hmmm..intriguing. I had to read what the interview was about and secretly loath her perfect body but wish for it at the same time. But while flipping through the magazine, I came across the article "Girls in the their summer dresses" Now its not really an article just pictures of girls in....lets say revealing dresses. But the focus is on the mens suits. So the information given is for the mens suits and accessories. Well I happened upon a dress that I really REALLY like. And now I am on the hunt. Here's a pic, tell me what you think.

All the magazine dress says is "H&M" for the designer. I tried their website but it's really weird and doesn't list much of their clothing. All in all I don't think the dress looks too bad. Hell she's practically my size. Yes I'm all health freak/run everyday kinda gal. But damn do I love that dress. Oh and AD actually already has that suit I think. Unfortunately all my Google searches has come up with dittly squat. So if any of you know where I can get this dress let me know. My search here continues. Maybe just maybe I can get AD to buy it for me.

Who am I kidding I'll buy it myself.

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6th Floor blog said...

I do like that dress..

btw, I have no idea what 'melted feet' smells like, or why that's the description that popped into my head.