Sunday, July 13, 2008

Blackbird singing in the dead of the night

It's 1:30 am, we've been tossing and turning all night. We actually went to be early and thought we'd be good and sleep. Both of us getting up early for work all week long and feeling it's effects. For a weekend we tried to keep this one quiet. Trying to avoid being sucked into an invite to a gathering from our friends. Not that we don't love them, we just need some R&R.

We literally ran (ok a running jog) away from some friends when we came across them. Knowing full well they were going to ask us over, and be stuck there till midnight or so at their house watching movies. I'm sorry but that just wasn't us this weekend. So we ran and hid, giggling to ourselves. I don't think our friends thought anything of it, knowing that we're a couple of goofs.

So we stayed in. We sat on the couches, sprawled out, reading books and magazines, listening to music. I've taken up knitting and was busy making a blanket for a friend that just had a baby. Time passed and we grew tired. We didn't say anything to each other but were happy in our silence. The music played, Otis Redding coming softly from the stereo. Eventually we were just starring at the ceiling. Listening to the hum of the ceiling fan and the shadows it made in the light.

Eventually peeling ourselves off the couches, we headed upstairs and to bed. It was only 10 pm. We fell asleep quickly, but alas it wasn't to last. Before I knew it, it was 1 pm and I was wide awake. I tried to just lay there wishing for the sleep to come back, but it didn't work. Staying quiet I reached for my mp3 player that I normally keep by my side of the bed, but it wasn't there. I forgot I moved it when I cleaned up yesterday. I turned slowly to see if AD was sound asleep. He wasn't, in the darkness his eyes were looking at me.

AD: Can't sleep either?

Me: No.

Slowly we roused ourselves up and turned on the TV. There wasn't really anything on. Old movies and re-runs, and soft core porn on the premium channels. After a while we turned off the TV and turned on the stereo. Dar Williams "Two Sides Of The River", beckoned us to sleep. Her sweet smokey voice softly speaking to us through the speakers.

AD was thumbing through a magazine, to occupy myself I grabbed his free hand and was examining its features. Old cuts, and scratches, fights from long ago, injuries from play, oddly enough even a stab wound on his left palm. After a while AD turns to me.

AD: I want some ice cream.

Me: That sounds like a great idea.

Sadly none was to be found in the freezer. So doing what most insane people do, being around 2 am faced with insomnia, we drove to the 24 hours Wal-Mart to get some. AD changed, I pretty much went in my PJ's. Fortunately this seems to be somewhat standard attire for midnight runs to 24 hours Wal-Marts.

We took the long way to the ice cream. Looking at clothes, picking up some light bulbs. I passed a mother with her little girl, with the cutest cheeks I've ever seen. The little girl was starting to fall asleep. She told me she takes her here at night when she gets fussy and they can't sleep. They walk around till she's out and then goes home.

We headed to the electronics section and rummaged through the $3 and $5 clearance DVD's, which had be just restocked. AD feeling that Lethal Weapon 4 was now worthy enough to be bought for $3 dollars. I picked out some old cartoons, of Popeye and Casper for whatever reason compeled me to do so. As we walked we noticed others who basically looked like us. A motley crew, some dressed, most in PJ's. Walking zombies of insomnia, going through clothes racks, buying shampoo's they've never tried before.

We finally got to the ice cream, which was on sale for $2.98. Yay!! Seeing as it was on sale, we stocked up. Banana Split, Snickers, Pecan Praline, Mint Chocolate Chip, Sara Lee Cheesecake, and Rocky Road. We bought nuts and banana's to mix in with the mix too.

We checked out and selected a few final non-necessities from the goodies around the register, gums and candies beckoned to us. And made the short drive home, listening to The Beatles White Album. As the street lights flicked by illuminating us ever few feet I tried to wonder who was Prudence, and the story behind Bungalow Bill. We pulled into home while George's Guitar gently weeped.

AD: I miss George, he ruled.

We put away our goodies and made us some sundaes. AD briming with excitement on the Sara Lee Cheesecake ice cream we found. Cheesecake is his kryptonite. I settled for Banana Split and added real banana's and nuts for effect. We turned the TV on in the living room and settled down to eat ice cream and watch Rio Bravo on AMC. Dean Martin is okay in the movie but I like Ricky Nelson better, to me he's much cuter.

About half-way through we finish our ice cream and I turn off the TV as we're really not watching it. We head upstairs and brush our teeth again. It's almost 4:30 am as we slink back into bed. Staring at each other and making faces, still not being able to sleep.

I move closer and put my arms around AD, his breath smelling like mint. We lay there for a few minutes in silence. Then AD almost silently starts siging.

AD: Blackbird signing in the dead of the night, take these broken wings and learn to fly, all your life, you were only waiting for this moment to arise......

Me: Blackbird signing in the dead of the night, take these sunken eyes and learn to see, all your life, you were only waiting for this moment to be free...

Before we could get to another verse in we fall asleep, I wake up and notice it's 1 pm on Sunday.

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Beth said...

The. Most perfect. Night.