Monday, July 28, 2008


It doesn't matter how hard you try to make something perfect. Someone's bound to come along and f*%k it up.

I'm sorry I'm a bit upset. It's AD's birthday Friday and I decided earlier this year to take him to Florida with some friends to get away. I rented a condo, squared all the details and got everything ready. Then the airline comes along and screws things up. Okay I admit that airfare was cheap. I decided to try SpiritAir as their prices seemed good and well it's too good to be true. Yes we got cheap tickets but they canceled our flight.

Blast damn!! We were supposed to leave early Thursday morning so we could have the day to settle down and get supplies and stuff. But no our flight is canceled and we were put on an evening flight that won't have us there till after 10 pm, and then it's a 2 hours drive to the condo I rented.

This totally screws up my itinerary. Yes I made an itinerary, I'm far too organized for my own good. So I've been huffing and puffing all day. AD keeps telling me to calm down but I'm giving him my look that says "Don't tell me to calm down", even though I know I shouldn't. Gaaahhh!! I'm just so pissed. Damn you SpiritAir, bastard motherf*%kers!!! Ruining my plans for a small vacation.

Sorry I'm ready to stomp buildings like Godzilla here. I will have my revenge.

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6th Floor blog said...

Ahh airlines, the bane of vacations everywhere.