Thursday, September 27, 2007

Come pick up you mail!! I'm going for a walk.

Me: I have more of your bills still coming to me since I put the forward on my new address.

Chuck: (My nickname for my brother) I'll pick them up when I get a chance to stop by.

Me: It's still the student loan people.

Chuck: I know.

Me: You'd think there'd be a statute of limitation on how long they keep asking for their money back until they realize that their never going to get anything back. Honestly you should've robbed a bank, sure you would've been caught but at least you'd already been done serving your time and not have to worry about paying it back.

Chuck: You're crazy.

Me: Yeah well anyways, come pick up your bills they're pilling up.

Chuck: Remember when they would call at mom and dads?

Me: Yep.

Chuck: That was funny when you told that lady, "He doesn't live here anymore. As far as I know the bum up and moved to Mexico with his girlfriend. If you guys find him let me know cause that no good bastard owes me $1,200 bucks too."

Me: And you still do.

Chuck: Shut up.

Me: Come pick up your mail.

This playlist:

Space Oddity : David Bowie
Virtual Insanity: Jamiroquai
Call Me (Come Back Home) : Al Greene
December 4th: Jay-Z
Dig a Pony: The Beatles
It's Electric: Metallica
Keep the Car Running: Arcade Fire
Let's Push Things Forward: The Streets
Look on the Floor (Hypnotic Tango Mix): Bananarama
Mongrel Meets His Maker : I forget what DJ does this one.
Monkey Wrench: Foo Fighters
Take It Off: The Donnas
We Used to be Friends : The Dandy Warhol's
Across the Universe : The Beatles
Ch-Check It Out: The Beasties Boys
Da Funk: Daft Punk
Light My Fire: The Doors
Manic Monday: The Bangles
Nookie: Limp Bizkit
Remember: Groove Armada
Take Me Out: Franz Ferdinand
Acid Raindrops: People Under the Stairs
Tiny Dancer: Elton John

Thus these songs were the mix that I jogged to today. I've felt bad that I haven't went jogging in well over a week. Ever since I moved to my new place I've found it difficult to find a place to go out and jog. The guarded neighborhood I'm in is far too small to get a decent run in. And the main road that my street leads out to is way too busy to run properly on. Plus the sidewalk ends about halfway down the road so you end up running on uneven rocky terrain. I can see the sprained ankle now. So after work I came home changed and felt the need to do some running and thinking. But where? There is a track at University Hospital opened to the public that's huge. But there's always so many people there and I want to walk alone. Besides it's not all that close. There's a community park that I came across while driving around a figuring out where everything is at. There are also a few schools very close by too, that I thought might have tracks as well. Well the schools didn't, well one did but it was locked up. What ever happened to the days when you could go to the school after it was closed and used the tracks or the outside basketball posts? A thing of the past I guess.

I finally made my way to the park. It's not too far from where I live. There was relatively no one there. Most of the people there were with their very small children at the playground. I parked my car and got out. They it's a small park but their nature trail was nice and orderly and far less jagged than the main road I tried to run on last week. I got off and there were two people and what I suppose was a teacher doing some Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Yoga type thing in a empty part of the park. I watched them for a minute as I turned on my Nano and found a suitable place to start listening to. The trail is probably less than a mile long, thus I jogged it about 10 times in a row to get a decent run in.

My bad mood that I've been in most of the week pretty much went away with this run. The nice breeze and the nature trail was nice and calming, plus absolutely no one was around. I let my mind wander. I let David Bowie's Major Tom take me into space. I let myself get funky with Jamiroquai. I let myself tell it how it is like Jay-Z's, December 4th. I almost skipped along to Bananarama's, Look on the Floor. I let John Lennon's words transport me to another place, Across the Universe. I chilled to memories with Groove Armada's, Remember. I got uber chilled with People Under the Stairs, pot smoking song Acid Raindrops. And I let Elton John's, Tiny Dancer hold me a little bit closer.

I thought about my visit to my parents this past weekend. I noticed that we as a family have never been one to have pictures of ourselves anywhere. The last real picture that I took of myself on purpose was about 4 years ago when my older brother got a coupon to take pictures of ourselves at Sears for free. We did this to give as an anniversary gift to my parents. Other than that there's little or any current pictures of me or anyone else in my family framed. However there are now tons of pictures of my nephew (the 1st grand-baby) on the mantel, walls and bedrooms of my parents house. I browsed them all at while I was there. On the bookshelf, I found wedged between two books the program thingy for my God-mother's funeral. The picture of her and my Godfather on it at their 60th Anniversary. They looked so happy together. It's going to almost be a year now that she passed away. The last time I talked to my Godfather, he was only a shadow of the man he once was without her. "They took away my drivers license", he told me. "They're taking it all away. Don't get old". With out grandma, he has trouble doing anything. She was his life, and without her he's slowly fading away. He hasn't moved or changed much of grandma's things since she died at their house. It's still there, just in case she comes back looking for her things, is what he tells me.

I see the sun shining through the trees as I jog through and around them. Fireflies throwing glimpses of themselves as the night starts to set in. A couple are now at one of the park benches in the far corners making out. The Tai Chi people are there but there are a few more of them now. I notice that as the songs progress on my Nano that these are some of MTG's songs. Slowly but surely integrating her music in with mine. I think for a moment that some how I have a closet at home now that has her stuff in it, though we don't actually live together. Maybe I found my Renee? My Tiny Dancer.....

Sorry I got mushy there. Nuts... ;)

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Beth said...

How could you not have a great run with that playlist! (Except for The Doors. Hate them.)

I love how your songs and MTG's songs are mingling.