Sunday, September 09, 2007

Weekened Review

Dad: So how's Mix Tape Girl?

Me: She's fine, I really haven't had too much of a chance to talk to her this week. Her schedule's been a bit hectic. But when I have it's just been the daily check up. But we're going out tonight so I'm sure she'll have plenty to say.

Dad: I see. Well just make sure you give her your full attention and listen and be supportive.

Me: That I will dad.

Dad: Good lad.

And so it was myself and my dad eating lunch on Saturday. I haven't spent any time with him really in forever, so on Saturday he called me and insisted that we do lunch. I mean I see him quite often but we never really get to talk, like the expression would say, ships passing in the night. So he called me while I was getting a much needed hair cut. (which I will post about after this) We sit and talk and finish our lunch, he insists on paying and even leaving the tip. We walk out together and he turns and asks me if I have to go. I tell him I do but will be by later to spend more time. He nods and waves goodbye. By the time I get into my car and find a CD I want to listen to he's already pulled out and driven away. For some reason listening to James Taylor at the moment satisfies my mood. Maybe cause he's one of my dad's favorite singers.

I meet up with Mix Tape Girl (MTG) later and we go to another dinner party of some friends. I find it most interesting that now I accept more and more to go to these gathers than before I was with MTG. Somehow I always felt out of place. Not that I didn't have anything to say, it's just that most of what other people said didn't really interest me. But now I suppose through MTG's magic pixie dust, I'm turning into a bit of a social butterfly. Though when I do go out with her and I have no idea where we're going or whom our hosts are, I do get shy and clam up. But at least this night both of us knew the group of mutual friends that we have.

Our hosts were just having a simple sandwich meal, but when I asked what to bring she said "just anything, it's kinda potluck thing we're doing, last minute." So I stopped by a local BBQ place and ordered some chicken. I was a bit dressed up but not in anything I would consider fancy. (All black i.e. Johnny Cash) I went inside and didn't bother to take off my sunglasses, MTG waited in the car. I ordered chicken to take. The girl rang up my order, fortunately there weren't many people there and no one in line. She looked at me and asked, "Are you okay?" I said I was and asked if I didn't look okay. She said I looked fine but just off in space. Which I was since I was just leaning against the wall and letting my mind wander. She made small talk with me, (okay actually she was flirting heavily with me). She went to go get my order and gave me a whole bunch of extra stuff I didn't ask for. (A gallon of tea and family fries) MTG was utterly surprised when I walked out with so much stuff.

MTG: What happened? Why so much?

Me: I dunno. I batted my eyes a little at the girl on the register and she gave me this extra stuff.

MTG: Uh..huh. She give you her number? Do I have to go inside and beat her up? (She says jokingly)

Me: Nah...I didn't take it that far.

To which she pinched me for good measure.

We get there and MTG and myself are among the first few there. I parked myself on the giant oversized corner couch by the kitchen. MTG put some things up and followed suit. We sat there at first saying nothing just relaxing into the cushions. Finally I got up and got us some drinks. More people started showing up and most we knew some we didn't. MTG made rounds with everyone talking etc. But eventually we found our way back to the same seats on the couch, only this time with some wine. MTG started telling me all about the mess that is going on at work. At that point I remembered what my dad told me, and I gave her my undivided attention, although I didn't understand most of what she was talking about in regards to work. We ate a little and got more wine. Our hostess offered me some Vermouth, which I never had so I accepted a glass and loved the flavour. She brought two for MTG and myself. Though MTG said she didn't want any. I really liked it and drank mine right away. MTG sipped hers, and continued to talk to me. Most of everyone else went into the front room and were playing Pictionary. We sat there listening to loud laughs and the fun of everyone else. Not that we didn't want to play but we were just comfortable. MTG nestled into my side and played footsies with me. (Though I had to ask her if she was or was I just kicking the coffee table. She said it was her.) Some of the older guests that were sitting in the kitchen were talking about things I really didn't understand. Politics etc. But every few minutes they would turn around and look at us sitting together and coo with that weird sappiness of us being together and how we looked so cute.

So we continued to sit there. MTG doing most of the talking, getting any and all things out of her mind she wanted to rant about. I listened and responded to where I was supposed to from her questions. Though when she got kinda excited (more like upset) about things bothering her she squeezed my hand tighter than normal. So we sat there till just about 11 pm. MTG mentioned that she was tired and should go to sleep, but that she didn't want to go home. I got up first and then pulled MTG out of the couch. We tried to leave but ended up talking to our hostess for another hour in the kitchen, and then ended up taking home more food than what we brought. Some how I ended up taking home a huge plate of chicken salad sandwiches. (I hate chicken salad) We got in the car and again MTG told me she didn't want to go home. I took this to mean she wanted to stay the night so we drove back to my place.

She turned on the satellite radio in the car and after going through all 200 + channels settled on the movie channel. They were doing a special Sci-Fi Hi-Fi show with old Sci-Fi Movies. We listened to clips and the score to The Day The Earth Stood Still, and It Came From Beyond and a few others. The music fit so well as I took the back route home and its pretty much in complete darkness, and semi-country. MTG fell fast asleep half-way home, I suppose she talked her self into tiredness to me.

When I pulled up there was little I could do to wake her up. So I carried her inside and put her to bed. Though after which she managed to change into a shirt of mine when I went back out to get all the food I brought back. By the time I changed she was snoring. But I wasn't sleepy. So I watched some late night telle.

Today I got up and took MTG home after we slept in till just about noon. I remembered that I had to help my brother install a new washer/dryer. So I drove to the totally other end of town. We installed it with little trouble. But I ended up spending the whole day at his house doing odd jobs and playing with that baby. In fact we ended up simply having a BBQ since we did a lot of work and I stayed late. My brother and I sat in the back porch reminiscing and talking over a few beers.

I still can't believe how my brother is now, a family a house. It boggles my mind. Him who was always in so much trouble, never responsible, never had cash, always something. Now that his son is here it's a totally different story. I guess you can never tell.

MTG called to check on me a few times while I was there. And to tell me thanks for letting her vent last night. And to say, "I love you." because she forgot to say that last night and this morning.

On the long drive back home I popped in my Kenney Chesney CD that I have in my glove compartment that I had forgot about. It's been there for a long time. I really haven't listened to it since a road trip I took with an ex a few years ago. I love his country songs, but usually when I hear them it makes me think of my ex and what probably would have happened if I had just stayed in a particular place a long time ago. (Meaning I'd probably be married etc, right now. Married at 22 at the time, which I'm so glad didn't happen.) But this time I didn't think about her and only thought of MTG when the songs played. So now this CD will probably find its way back into my mainstream circulation.

And that was the weekend. Oh and just and FYI, for those of you who asked for 'mind jarring questions'. I am working on them. I will hopefully try to get them out before I leave to L.A. this Thurs. Oh yeah I forgot to mention, I'll be in California from Thurs till the middle of next week. But that's for another post.

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