Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Just Me Complaining

"GrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhHHHHH!!!!!!" <---- This is the note on my MSN Live Messenger we use at work, thus far this week. With my picture as follows:

(In case you don't know this is Akuma. The ruthless fighter/killer in the Street Figther Series. And yes I was a total Street Fighter dork growing up. I can still take on just about anyone and win.)

Needless to say people have been staying out of my way this week at work, as much as possible. It's not that I'm truly upset or anything but I just have a short fuse this week and am in no mood to put up with the least bit of stupidity. I know I'm like this cause of my elevated testosterone levels. (A life long side effect from a couple of tumors I had taken out of me a few years ago.) It comes and goes but it's just something I have to deal with. It's just bloody annoying. I swear I shave every morning, and by the time I get off work, I don't have 5 o'clock shadow. No, no. I'm practically sporting a full beard. Damnation!!

(Ok, so this is an extreme exaggeration, but I am almost at full beard.)

Regardless my workmates are still annoying. Since I work in an office of 99% women, there's always drama going around. Backstabbing drama that has been going on for far too damn long. In fact so much so that there's going to be layoffs coming up real soon. And why, because of stupid personal things between these women. "You looked at me funny?" someone thinks and the whole things blows up. Not that my job is in jeopardy, but I already know who's getting axed and I kinda feel bad standing right beside them in our morning meeting and smiling and singing in my head. "Nah, nah, nah, nah!! Nah, nah, nah, nah!! Hey, Hey, Hey!! Goodbye!!!" Though then again I kind of don't feel too bad about it either.

I'm seriously considering taking a full day to teach a "This is My PC 101" class to teach these women the "extreme" basics of using a computer. Things like: "This is the power button. You push it to turn on your PC. No you can't get any information off of it until you turn it on." And the ever so popular, "Food, drinks, makeup, earrings, and paper clips in your keyboard and mouse are good reasons why its not working." Honestly. I don't understand it. They have no problem figuring out how to forward the email of the sexy firemen picture. But they can't figure out that the printer doesn't work cause it's not freakin on!!

Pterodactyl Lady has sensed this. (She's always screwing up the logins and we're constantly having to reset the passwords.) She brought me McDonald's pancakes yesterday for breakie. So I cut her some slack and helped with stuff. See, if you're nice to the resident semi-I.T.guy and bring him some burnt offerings he will shower you with computer blessings. If you don't he groweth, wrathful and belligerent, and will curse you with 10 computer plagues.

Oh and I wanted to apologize to you oh faithful readers. I've bombarded you with far too much mushiness from MTG and myself. What can I say? The girl has me smitten, I tells you. SMITTEN. But then again looking over my posts for the past few months, they haven't been witty banter about music, books, or anything else. They've almost all be about us. So I promise to cut down on the mushy posts cause your probably tired of me gabbing about MTG.

Hey I found an awesome little pizza place near my new place this past Monday. Yes it's totally awesome. The people there are actually Italian. And their pizzas are way good. I kept seeing the place and finally decided to stop. I went in and was greeted by one of the owners. I told him I'd seen the place and decided to stop by and try it out. I ordered a decently priced large pizza. When I got it and was leaving, he told me that since it was my first time, to go ahead and take a free six pack of soda from the fridge in front. SCORE!!! I did, they had Sunkist Orange Soda!! One of my favs!!! Needless to say, when I want some good pie, I'm stopping there.

Well that's it for now. Till tomorrow, probably. Tah, tah.

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Beth said...

What is it with this week? Everybody I know has hovered at the near-rage level, myself included. I've had to crank a lot of happy songs this week.

You should do a post of your time-lapsed beard one day -- take a photo every hour so we can watch its remarkable progression. That would be COOL!

BTW, I'm a working chick, but I don't get involved in that drama shit. Maybe because I hang with the guys and the cool chicks.