Monday, September 03, 2007

The week in review

Ya know after all that mess that happened Thursday, fights breaking out, people getting fired and written up, you'd expect all hell to break loose again the following day. But nothing. Nobody said anything about what happened, everyone acted like nothing even happened. Though it was interesting to half to walk into the office and notice the empty desks about. Well whatever.

Oh and if my spelling is a bit more off than usual do forgive me. I spent a good part of this evening drinking a rather large bottle of wine with MTG. So I'm typing this rather inebriated (not drunk but felling really good).

Well not much to report other than the hecticness of the past week. I'm taking the holiday and spending most of it with MTG. Though tomorrow I must make the rounds to see my brother. Well actually hepl him go pick up a washer/dryer, to be exact.

Yesterday was fun. My evening consisted of pretty much going to a dinner with MTG, and then after that stopping at a party my friend was having. Which is basically on the same road as home so it wasn't a big deal. But I meet (or is it met, no that doesn't sound right....yes it must be meet, yes that looksright) Where was i? Oh yes, i got to know some people more than what I had. Music, movies, books these subjects will always be able to strike up a conversation. It's like "You like the Godfather?? No way!! Me too" and jsut like that you find out something you didn't know. Though it helps to have some drinks in ya.

Other than that I spent the day watching movies with MTG. I just saw Hot Fuzz and I loved it. Very funny. I love brit comedies. The Andees where hilarious. Oh and we watched some of MTG's movies too. Music and Lyrics is good, and some others but I don't remember right now. Probably cause we kept falling asleep during most of the movies. Though Hot Fuzz was action packed enought to keep me awake.

Oh MTG's done with the shower now, so it's my turn. Till next time.

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Beth said...

We should all set aside one day a month to blog while inebriated.

I want to see Hot Fuzz!