Monday, September 24, 2007

Weekend Review & other things

I am truly sorry for my utter lack of posts. Lately I just haven't been feeling up to it or much of anything lately. Today although nothing really happened; was an utterly awful day. No it wasn't the average Monday syndrome, it was something else, what I don't know but I'm sure it'll come to me later.

This past weekend started off well enough. The average going out on Friday night, having drinks with MTG and some friends. Nothing else on Friday. Though the bourbon's and coke were extra delicious for whatever reason this past Friday.

Saturday evening was a bit more thrilling. Though for most of the day I did my homework and studied for a class I'm taking at the local college. (I was bored and decided to sign up for an advanced French class. Why I dunno?) However the evening plan were already set. I was to meet MTG for a dinner party. She printed out the directions for me and the access code to the gated community where the house was located. I've meet these people before and they are nice. But I'm never truly comfortable with them. It's not the gated community thing though. Which I totally understand now cause I live in one. Though a bit fancier as the entrance to the condo unit community has an actual armed guard you have to go through.

Anyways I got there in the evening. As I'm driving there a very good friend calls me. I haven't actually hang out with her in about a year or so. We both used to be good friends with my ex, until my ex used us and married my arch nemesis. (Yes I have an arch nemesis) In fact it was my ex that introduced us when she brought her over to a party I was having. She's so much fun, and I've known her for a long time now. Though I see her more like my older sister than friend, which probably tells you how close we've gotten. We've talked but have never been actually able to go out lately, which is sad. Anyways, she called me just as I'm entering the community. She was utterly bored and wanted to see what I was up to. I told here about the party, but I didn't really want to go. She wanted to go to the Jazz Fest that was going on in the park downtown. (It's free by the way, you just have to show up.) She wanted to know if I wanted to go, and see if MTG wanted to go to, as everyone else she'd called had plans.

I told her I'd try. I got to the party before MTG and placed the sodas I bought on the counter for the host. I already wasn't feeling it. I went outside to get some air on the porch and MTG pulled up. I helped her get down a gigantic bag of ice she bought and took it inside. I told MTG if she wanted to go to the Jazz Fest with my friend, but she said she wasn't up for it. I sat on one of the ever so soft plushy couches and our hosts son came up behind me and pulled the recline button on the side, nearly flipping me backwards. Nice you little cretin!! Though he apologized and said he wanted to make me comfortable.

I sat there and pretty much just watched everyone. MTG floating in and out of people showing pictures of us on last weeks trip to L.A. It was only about 15 mins into the party when we started eating. I quickly made a plate and found a nice corner to sit in. I was followed by another group of people, some I knew, most I didn't. MTG got herself a spot at the kitchen table and was talking to other people. One particular guy I know who is always trying to get MTG to go out running with him sat next to her. It irked me ever so much. Not that I mind her going running, in fact she's sorta got me into it now, but this guy is looking for more. Fortunately for me, she's can't really stand the guy and is only polite. She has a signal she gives me when she's cornered by someone like this. Which she gave for me to intercede. Though I admit I really didn't do much to this time other than go and stand by behind her for a bit and see she was alright. Running man got the hint enough though, but at the same time didn't leave the immediate area either.

So whatever. By this time it was 7:30 pm. I looked around and decided I wanted to leave. I went outside to call my friend to see what time the last act started at the Jazz Fest. It wasn't till later, but she said she was going to meet some friends of hers there. I told her I would go to, and asked if she wanted to car pool. She did so we meet up and I dropped off my car. (I told MTG that I was leaving and nothing much more) Being that she has a tiny Corolla that would fit just about anywhere we decided it best to go in her car. We talked and talked the whole way over. Having not seeing each other in forever we had lots to talk about.

We got awesome parking a block away from the festival, and got there while the roadies were setting up for the last act. Arturo Sandoval. BTW he is awesome. We had to stand as its a bring your own chair event, but while we stood around for the hour plus it took to setup the stage, we talked and talked. Her other friends never showed up. But according to her it was ok, as the friends her friend was bringing, she couldn't really stand. Mr. Sandoval finally started around 9 pm, and put on a great jazz show. Minor techincal difficulties ensued though, in particular with his keyboard. Fortunately his backup piano man was able to fill in when his went dead. Otherwise it was a great show.

Funny thing though is my friend who usually dances and sways just stood there. I though had to dance. Oh but while we first stood there, the people in front of us lit up a doobie, well several of them. So we got second hand pot smoke in us. Enough to give us a buzz. Which made me want to dance even more, though my friend didn't want to. So I swayed and moved by myself as was joined soon by others. Soon enough there was a whole circle of us dancing and twirling to the music. Letting loose and having fun. I didn't know any of these people, but when you gotta dance, who cares. It was so much fun. Even the little kids joined our group of dancing nuts. We hopped and swayed and played to the music. (Its hard to take pics with a mobile while buzzing from second hand pot smoke)

We left soon before the encore though as it was already past 11:30 pm. But being as we were buzzing from the pot smoke, we had killer munchies. So we settled on Denny's where we sat and talked till 1 am. It was so much fun that I'm glad I ditched the party. When I got back home MTG had stopped by after she left the party. Apparently she didn't stay too long after I left. I read her note she left on my kitchen counter. "Borrowed some CD's. TTYL XXOO"

Oh and here is my recently remodeled kitchen from a far.

I wouldn't realize until the next day that she took some CD's I had made for her way back when that I never gave to her cause I thought they'd freak her out. You know, the "I love you/want you" mix you make for someone, before your official and scrutinize over cause you don't want to give the wrong impression. The mix that you make about 10 times before finally deciding that it's good enough to give to that person. Well she unknowingly borrowed these CD's I had put in a case, never planning on giving to her. Each CD labled MTG Test Mix 1, 2, 3 and so on.

Sunday was a do nothing day. Washed the car, went to see the parents, and stayed at my brothers and played with the baby till late at night.

Today though I just felt down for whatever reason. I was snappy with people. Although I'm quite tired of fixing their utter sh*t, there was no excuse for me to be snappy. But when an entire office comes to you to fix every little PC problem, it gets annoying. Especially since we have no IT dept in our office, and I'm pretty much the default guy as I set the whole system for the IT guys in our other office on the east coast. Besides I'm not paid to do IT, I do it cause if I don't it'll never get done. But also to, I'm tired of all the drama between all these women. How they smile at each other and then turn into monsters the moment the other walks away. It's just uncomfortable. I don't want to be there right now. So it put me in a bad mood. But I put on my Pandora radio Sarah McLachlan channel and it helped me get through.

MTG called later on to see if I was ok. I told her I was fine, but as I was feeling blah, didn't talk much. (She also mentioned the interesting test mixes that she wants to know about later.) Even my boss asked if I was ok. I was almost about to loose it towards the last three hours, when MTG sent me a text message, which read, "Because maybe, you're gonna be the one that saves me, and after all, your my Wonderwall." That alone gave me just enough zip to get me through the rest of the day with out smashing down the walls. We shall see what tomorrow brings.

Plus I have some rants and other banter I must post but it's late so till later.

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Beth said...

I had a grand weekend and a sh*tty week myself. Maybe it's a flu going around?