Monday, May 14, 2007

Just Updating

Hello bloggie people. How have you been? Exceptionally well I hope. Kudos if you have. I've been meaning to post but by the time I turn on my laptop all my writing abilities have left me for the day. Usually I'm getting ready for bed so I'm writing on my laptop while already all cuddled up under my duvet, feeling nice and toasty and not wanting to write. But I thought I would just at least do an update.

I finally got my desktop PC up and running. Though I would actually call it a desktop. I built the thing with my friend and the actual shell is about twice the size of a normal PC. Anyways after it all crashed I decided to upgrade. So basically we remodeled the case and it's pretty much invisible and glows an eerie red from a light we installed in side. It look very cool and menacing at night. We've dubbed it the Death Star. It's that evil looking, but runs great. Sadly the hard drive that went kaput wasn't able to have any info saved. So having only backed up about half my music, I'm re-recording to my PC. Which is taking hours on end. But it's ok. I'm putting mixes and records and such that I've never put on there before. I'm copying my tape and vinyl to the PC too.

I'm actually very proud of myself today. I cooked. And I cooked very very good. Ok I should say I bar-b-q'ed very well. I had a feeling to bar-b-q and just had to do it. So after work I went to the meat market and picked up some short ribs and a few steaks and a few other things. And some fish. Now I usually stink at cooking fish. Ok well cooking in general. (Honestly I literally burnt microwave oatmeal. Don't ask, just know I've done this.) But every so often the stars align in heaven or whatever and I get a cooking bug and when I do, brother can I cook. So I asked Mix Tape Girl over and her sister since they had nothing to do. I cooked for them, etc. But I was determined to get my fish right. I can do it ok in the oven, lightly breaded with olive oil and it comes out great, along side a rice pilaf which I'm fairly good at making too. But thus far my attempts at BBQ fish have been less than stellar. Today I was determined.

Cleaning my fish thoroughly (catfish if your wondering) I decided what spices to use. I've never actually had much success at spicing up fish. And I hate using Old Bay spice all the time for it. So reaching into the spice cabinet I took out a bunch of stuff, determined to make it work. Kosher Salt, Pepper, a little dash of cayenne pepper, lemon salt, garlic salt and fresh lime juice made my marinade . It smelled pretty good. I just hoped it cooked ok. I wrapped it in foil into a small steam tent and placed it on the grill. Mesquite wood burning, nothing but the good stuff. I let it sit for about 15 minutes. Having prepared some rice and ranch style beans (from the can of course) dinner was about ready. The steaks were sizzling and resting inside with the ribs. Only thing left was the fish. I took it out. It was cooked. It smelled ok. But only if it tasted ok.

MTG made an awesome salad which after I ate would've been enough on its own. It was really good, fresh lettuce, spinach, a few other leafy things, sliced strawberries, peaches, walnuts, almonds, jicama, cucumber, avocado. She makes a mean salad. So I decided to try the fish. It didn't smell fishy which is good. I took a bite. To my delightful surprise it tasted good. In fact better than good. It was wonderful. MTG ate some too and loved it. I was beaming with joy. I finally concurred my fish failures.

After a delightful dinner we watched Music and Lyrics, which I thought was very good. Although I am quite fond of Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore so I'd probably like it anyways. But it was about the music and that hooked me.

Oh and since all my records and albums are out including long lost tapes. MTG sis went through my stuff. Ultimately finding my very first DJ recordings of myself from when I was like 8. Thoroughly embarrassed as her and MTG listened to my squeaky little voice DJ and whatnot to music and the like. MTG said for being 8 I was spot on. As if. But still it felt good to hear.

Oh and I've been thinking about getting a PS2. Simply for the fact that I still have and every so often play my PS1 and Dreamcast. I know I'm so out of date. And the price is so low now, its actually worth it. So I went to the store today Best Buy. They had a nice silver model there. But I didn't want to get it right then and there. I thought to myself do I really want to get it just to play this one game that's coming out. Do I want to get this thing for one game? I starred at it for a while. I thought I might become one of those weird crusty otaku gamer guys "Gamestore Girl" always blogs about. Then it happened. A rather scarry young looking otaku gamer guy that was very VERY CRUSTY came up behind me. He smelled horrendous and his hair was like nothing I've ever seen. I swear he looked like a dirty mop. He pushed me aside to get the silver PS2. He grunted and huffed on bending over. His XXXL Spider-man Venom T-shirt stretched to its max, looking like a can of popped biscuits. Looked like Venom after he retired or something. (That's mean I know I apologize). I gasped and decided. I think I can wait. That game I want to play will still be around. No worries. I can wait a while to get a game station. I just don't want to be a scary otaku gamer guy.

I would've wrote something profound and nice but like I said I'm tired and sleepy and snuggled up in my duvet. I have written some more things that are like that. I'll try to post them later. But for now, this update will suffice. To all my like 6 or 7 readers anyways. Will write more later. Night night bloggie world people.

PS: Next post I must tell you that I met Wild Bill (The cowboy guy).


Biby Cletus said...

Cool blog, i just randomly surfed in, but it sure was worth my time, will be back

Deep Regards from the other side of the Moon

Biby Cletus

gizmorox said...

Wow. Kudos on cooking fish. I don't even try.