Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Shut Up...I'm trying to watch "The Price Is Right"

Some people talk to much. They blab, blab, blab, blab, blab. There's a time for everything. A time for talking. But not all the time. Sometimes you just need quiet.

For some odd reason where ever I go people have to talk to me. Not that I mind, but I always attract the odd-ball that won't shut up and talks about pointless mindless nothing. It's freak magnetism that I have for some reason. I'm the person at the party that gets singled out by the one person that talks and talks and talks. I get stuck in a corner and can't get a word in edge wise.

Talker: So then she said...."Blah blah blah blah blah"

AD: Oh yeah, well maybe next time, it'll go better.

Talker: No, but when it happened "blah blah blah" (He's oblivious to the fact that I'm trying to escape from his talkative grasp.)

I usually just end up and space out while staring at these types of people. I hear them but don't hear them. I dunno, I just attract people like this. These are the kind of people that must always be talking. Tele glued to their ear. And if they aren't talking on their mobile or regualr telephone, they're talking to you.

I should have known I would have this kind of attraction of people towards me. It started way back when. I was a little kid, and again in one of the many places I've lived at was an apartment complex. There was this upstairs neighbor kid that wouldn't shut up. He'd come over knock on the door and invite himself over. He ask for me and go to my brother and I room. He'd come and just start talking. I remember first meeting him and thinking "who is this kid". Everyday he'd come over and talk with me. Never silent, never ending, just blah blah blah.

Now I have friends that talk a lot. But I want to hear what they have to say. Ok so at times I do tune them out. But for the most part I pay attention. But there are times when people that are just acquaintances, and that I don't feel comfortable with just talk to me.

Like the time I worked for a bank processing real estate loans. A new guy came in. Went through training and everything. But he sucked. He really sucked. He couldn't get the work done. He was smart enough. But to get him on track they gave him to me to buddy up with. (Thanks boss) He immediately started pouring out his hear to me. Poor guy's girlfriend just left him, after some number of years. And he told me right off the bat, "I feel comfortable talking to you. I dunno why." I replied, "That's fine, but lets focus on getting your work done before you tell me about this other baggage." Needless to say for the month that he lasted he talked to me all the time. Every single problem, any little thing. Blah blah blah blah blah. When he was let go, I was sad to see him go cause of his problems. But then again I was happy to be in the surreal bliss of silence once more.

Then it reminds me of the time that I was sick with the flu. I was at home watching the Price is Right eating soup. I don't know why but just watching the Price is Right and seeing Bob Barker and eating soup just makes you feel so much better no matter how crummy you feel. It's like a magic pill. It's comforting. But then my comfort was shattered. A guest arrived, my arch nemesis (a long story I must tell sometime, and yes he is my arch nemesis). He came in and started talking. I've never really liked him and I sure as hell hated him now. Every time Bob would start talking, he would start talking. I appreciated the visit, but he was just talking on and on. Utter non-sense, just bloody awful inconsiderate crap about other people. My patience grew thin. I think it finally broke when he started to re-arrange my record collection. "You know, thanks for the visit, but I really don't appreciate you doing that." He looked at me and got the hint and left. My noise came back to me of the game show. Bob's voice telling Rod to call on down the next contestant. The comfort slowing creeping back to me.

Now why would I write about this? Well today, I was in the loo at work. (TMI, I know) And sitting there another guy comes in. I recognize his shoes. It's one of the attorney's from the other office. He goes in the stall and the moment he sits. (RING RING) "Hello. Hey what's up?" He goes on and on. Now maybe it's just me but talking in the loo on the phone is the most inconsiderate thing to me. How on earth can people do this. The woman on the other side is oblivious to the fact that the echo she hears from his voice is not from the phone but from the stall. It drives me nuts. They're talking about important client info and documents. After a few minutes enough is enough. I flush purposefully. The lady on his phone goes, "Uhm...where are you at?" The guys stutters.."Uhm..I'm..uh" "Call me back later." she says. I snicker to myself as she hangs up. Oh and another thing, unless you have a hearing problem, please don't have your mobile so loud everyone can hear it clear as day. Sometimes a call can wait. Quiet it bliss.

That's my rant for the day.

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6th Floor blog said...

One one hand, the people that can't be separated from their blackberrries and phones for a second, even to use the bathroom are annoying. I'd much prefer the people that can't be separated from their ipods and wander down the street. at least they're not bothering me.

Also, these people are content talking on their phones or texting so that they don't feel the need to find you and blab while you're both waiting for an elevator, for coffee, for anything.

It's always worse when you're sick. being sick magnifies annoyance.