Monday, May 21, 2007


Hello bloggie people. Miss me? (I know you're rolling your eyes and saying in your head "As if".) Well I missed you. :P I'm just being silly of course. So I have lots to write about and since I'm in a writey (that's not a real word I know) mood, I will first start with an update post and then a few things that I've thought about and observed.

Needless to say work has been busy with it's own challenges. But for the most part going fairly well. And I managed to close a heck of a lot of cases. Whoohoo!!

An interesting thing happened the other day, while I was at the bookstore. I met a man who (I kid you not) looked just like Buffalo Bill. At first I thought this man was crazy, and in fact he wasn't all upstairs anyways but he was very nice. I actually wanted to get a picture of him but was too afraid to ask. It's not every day you meet a cowboy.

For some odd reason a lot of people that aren't from Texas (mostly other countries) think that it's a state with cowboys etc. Which nothing is further form the truth. There's hardly any here (true cowboys). People don't walk around in cowboy hats and chaps and say "y'all" all the time. (Ok so maybe we do say y'all all the time but still) I find it particularly funny when my friends from Japan come and visit, since this is what they expected. So you can imagine my surprise when Buffalo Bill (that's not his real name but I'm just going to call him that) walked into the bookstore and was perusing the shelves. At first the thought crossed my mind that this guy probably was loaded with guns and was going to shoot the place up. But upon actually meeting him while browsing through the magazines, he was very nice, and very nice to talk to. I still would've liked to get a picture. Oh well, see ya around cowboy.

In other news, I was surprised today by MTG. (Mix Tape Girl) She's been very busy lately so we haven't been seeing a lot of each other but always calling. Anyways she said she had a surprise for me today. And she did, she wanted to know if I wanted to go to Santiago for a few weeks next month. My reply: "Whoohoo!!" I mean yes I would like to go." So a huge plus that I've well over a month of vacation as I really didn't take much of it from last year, I'll be spending a couple of weeks up...way down south next month. Yay!! A new stamp for my passport.

Oh and last Friday my day was made (as it was a rather naff day) when while listening to XM online, a new song came out. By non other than the Smashing Pumpkins. I nearly fell out of my chair. The group of my not so distant adolescence, that fueled my awkward rebellion and yet another group that got me through my gypsy like upbringing was back again. Yay!!! Their new song is called Tarantula. I forget what their new album is going to be called. Starts with a Z, anyways that got me excited beyond belief. Although I believe the only original Pumpkins will be Corgan and Chamberlin. Iha definately said no from what I've looked up and there's no word on D'arcy Wretzky. But still something to look forward too. I shall have to blog about a whole day spent with one of my cousins going from store to store looking for a Pumpkins DVD...wait..ahem..VHS that came out way back when. He was an even bigger fan than I was.

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