Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Today's post is brought to you by the letter "D"

Hello boys and girls. Today we have a new game as taught me by Gizmorox. What you do is a friend gives you a letter and you have to list ten of your favorite things that start with that letter. I've been given the letter "D". So lets see what I can come up with shall we?

1. Dinosaurs.
I've loved dinosaurs. Ever since I was a kid I have always been fascinated by them. My parents bought me a wall sized poster of every known dinosaur of the time way back when when I was just a wee little DJ. I remembered each and every single dinosaur name and backgroung to every dinosaur on that poster that all anyone had to do was point to a dino and I could tell them everything about it. Needless to say I was head over heels when Jurassic Park came out at the movies. I literally saw it 10 times at the movies itself and countless times on VHS and later on DVD. Sadly my love of dinosaurs wained. Sure I still love them, but I couldn't tell you the names of them all or their traits anymore. Sometimes I wish I could, but I'll make do with remembering the basics.

2. DJ (Disc Jockey) I love music and on occasion I do DJ at parties etc. I started very young. And as you probably read from previous posts I still have tapes of me from when I was like 7 or 8 when I did my own DJ thing dubbing over DJ's from the radio and putting my own spin on things. I've always like music but I didn't really get into the whole DJ thing till right around after high school. And I do use vinyl when DJ'ing at times. I don't really thing being a DJ and not spinning vinyl qualifies you for that title if you don't do some spinning and scratching.

3. Depeche Mode: A band that starts with D. he he. I remember this as they were my first ever concert. I went with my big bro, and had the time of my life. I've been hooked on them ever since. Even my mobile rings "Enjoy the Silence".

4. Drinking: Not just water, juice etc, mind you. I mean getting nice and toasted every so often. Just enough to make you feel good but not drunk. Note that I have never ever been drunk. Which really surprises me cause I can drink a lot. Recently asked what my max intake was in one night, I had a shocking answer to the person who asked me this. From what I remember, I finished two cases of beer, (cases mind you not 6 packs) a 6 pack of Smirnoff, 20 Bourbon and cokes (I kid you not, btw this is always my drink of choice. It's to me like the Vesper is to 007), 5 apple martini's, and two tequila shots. And honestly all that got me to was when I stood up I immediately crossed my legs and yelled, "OMG!!! Where's the bathroom!!??" I know that sounds like a lot, but I've only done that once. Really honestly only once. Not to say I've never killed a couple of six packs since then but I always strive to be careful. Too many drunks in the family, I don't want to follow suit.

5. DVD (Digital Versatile Disc or Digital Video Disc) Ah gone are the days of chunky VHS tapes. I still have plenty and always try to rid myself of them at garage sales only to have people spend lots of time rummaging through the tapes and buying maybe one. It seems like we've had this device since forever. But really it's only really been mainstream since 2003. Doesn't seem like that long ago eh? I bought my first DVD player at Best Buy and still have it, works ok, but it sits collecting dust since I've upgraded since then. DVD are cheap and give better quality, or good enough for me anyways. I'm not really big on the whole HDTV thing, but it still looks good. Now though I worry. Seems like Sony is in a push to cram Blue-Ray down our throats and is already winning that war against Toshiba and Matsushita against HD-DVD. Looks like I'll be having to upgrade and rebuy every movie I own again. Oh and in case you don't know that in a year or two (2009) you WILL have to buy an HD-TV or HD-TV Tuner as all television signals will only be sent in digital and not analog anymore. So if you're still without cable and want to pick up local you still have to buy a tuner just to get reception. I kid you not, this is now law. Google it, HD-TV law and you'll see for yourself.

6. Dido- Another favorite artist that starts with D. I love her music. It gets me, and I get it. It's somber but pretty. It's not too poppy, but pop enough. It just feels good to me so I like it. Not to mention I think she's drop dead gorgeous.

7. Duvet. Yes it's a cover I know. But a cover on your bed makes a whole room. And the quality makes it so much more better. My friend called me crazy when I bought a 700 thread count Egyptian Cotton duvet. I'm sorry but I know that sounds crazy (the $250.00 was so worth it), but I have to sleep on and in this thing a lot. And I dunno about you but when it comes to sleep I want the best. And it makes the whole bedroom decor too. I'm nuts I know this, just humor me and my overpriced bed linens.

8. Dress Shirts - I'm not talking about the ones you can get at Wal-mart or Target even Sears. I'm talking about a true good fitting (there is a difference) dress shirt. In particular a white long sleeve button up shirt. One that you tuck into your pants, not the trend now days to go around unkempt in a dress shirt. But white shirts are the best. I'm partial to Brooks Brothers myself, and every time I make a trip to Houston I pick me up a couple at the store there. Of course I do have a few tailor made ones from a local shop in town. Now I know what your thinking. Dress shirts? Is he nuts. I am, but that's besides the point. A good dress shirt should fit a man like a glove. It's not paunchy, it's not scratchy, it's not overly long or too short, and the collar shouldn't cut off circulation to your head when buttoned up. It should be fitted to your form so it doesn't look like you've buttoned a blanket around your tummy. Most men though don't preceive the difference in a good "fitted" dress shirt and thus have a bad view of them. But if you get one that actually fits you and is made from good material, it's a world of difference. Oh and if a guys really lucky, nothing looks better on his gal than seeing her in your dress shirt. You know you've been there, don't lie!! :P BTW I guess you could say I'm kinda GQ. Hey but what can you say when your Pop got you subscription when you were 12, been reading it ever since and Esquire too.

9. The Death Star. I'm a big Star Wars fan. Not a Star Wars freak, just a fan. So you can imagine my little mind going crazy when I saw the movie for the first time and seeing that massive ship blowing all the little ones out of space and blowing up a planet and then blowing up itself. Very cool. I'm easily entertained by it.

10. Decanting. In particular wine. I like wine. I must've got that from my mum. Don't get me wrong I like beer too and my choice of drink is always Bourbon. But wines is on the top of my list was well. But to me, every man should know how to properly decant wine or for that matter any alcoholic drink that sediment builds up in. Honestly do you like it when you get a glass with a bunch of nasty looking little floating things in it? (Lil' Fishies as I call them) No way. So why serve it to anyone else that way? Having a properly decanted wine brings out the wine so much more. Trust me even in a bottle that looks crystal clear, when properly decanted you'll see and taste the difference, trust me. Not to mention knowing and putting it to use scores points with dinner guest or your date. Trust me it's worth knowing how to do. Here's a link to learn how.

So hope you liked my answers. If anyone else would like to play, drop me a line or comment and I'll be more than happy to give you a letter to play with.

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gizmorox said...

Decanting? Well done. I think your list is my favorite so far. I think dinosaurs and DJs are fascinating, love Depeche Mode. And drinking. And DVDs. I had a Dido phase but never did listen to her second album. I find your love of duvets hilarious because I recently had a conversation with the Brit about duvets. I'm with you though, if you're going to spend money, it's well worth it to spend it on the sheets.

And everything you said about dress shirts, spot on. And trust me, we like wearing them as much as you like seeing us in them ;)