Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Who's gonna save the world?

BFB: (Best Friend and Boss) "Someone's gotta save the world."

AD: Just chuckles, to myself.

This is most funny this saying to me. One of my best friends happens to be my boss. She asked me to come work for her and I did. It's been the best decision I've ever made. We can speak candidly to each other without bothering each other, we've known each other for so long that we have that ability.

Recently the office has had it's little spats, more like clicks turning against one another. None of the teams are really that close anymore. I do what I can to keep everyone laughing and in general, trying to kill each other. The thing with the office is that we've all worked with each other before. Basically when the big bank we all worked for before closed, they got rid of their special ops unit and so we went our separate ways. The attorney my friend works for decided that we could do for him what we used to do for our old job. So basically its just our old crew. So we can speak our minds to each other cause we've all worked with each other long enough that well...we just can.

Anyways, it's been rather stressful at work with these little explosions of emotions. Pterodactyl Lady went off the edge last week cause Mr. Dry Toast caused everyone to move again cause he kept complaining about the glare from the window. Even I was annoyed by this cause I got the direct sunlight from the window and I didn't say anything. Anyways long story short their little war escalated into a shouting match. It got ugly. So much so that I said "F this" and took vacation till tomorrow. But last week before I left I spent some time with my friend.

She's a very good person. She's only 26 a few months older than me. But she looks years older from the stress of the office and her home. She's got odd parental units, that makes her life...lets just say more interesting than necessary. Anyways, she's really going gray. Like literally gray headed. Not a good sign and she's got a lot of stress. She does any and everything for our main bosses the attorneys and will bend the earth to get whatever it is that they need. I worry about my friend cause even though she's on salary and has to do boss type things, there is no reason why she should be working 24/7 for our bosses and I tell her that everytime I get. She's literally running herself into the ground and I know when she crashes there'll be hell to pay.

It's a sad thing watching a friend do this to themselves.

AD: Why do you do this to yourself? Take a break!

BFB: Yeah right?! When? If I'm not working here then I have to do something for my parents at home. Sometimes I prefer being stressed her than at home.

BFB's parents are good folks. They just make life harder than necessary. Always paranoid about something going on with her. Or doing odd things that make life a little bit harder. It's too long to explain here.

AD: You know you can relegate more responsibilities to us. It would take the stress of you doing everything yourself. You can't do it all you know.

BFB: I have to. I have to do it all myself. "Someone's gotta save the world."

Now I read comics and have for a long time. In fact my office wall has a giant Superman poster the really cool Alex Ross one. So for her to say something like this got me laughing. Of course she doesn't read comic books. So this gives me reason to use a perfect analogy.

AD: Do you know about the JLA?

BFB: Who?

AD: The JLA? Justice League of America


AD: The JLA is a group of super-heroes consisting of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and various others. They came together because on their own they could save the world a few times. But as with all heroes that handle things on their own, they don't always win or survive on their own. Sometimes they'd loose on their own. So during a great battle, they realized that they were loosing by fighting by themselves. So the only way they could win was to team up together to beat the enemy. Thus saving the planet. Only by coming together could they win without exhausting themselves completely.

BFB: (sighs) I get ya. But still, everything is on me. If something goes wrong I have to answer.

AD: But by using the teams more efficiently those chances decrease significantly.

BFB: Whatever (she said with a smile)

I shake my head and start to walk out of her office.

AD: "Remember, even super-heroes loose from time to time." I say as I walk out.

Back to work tomorrow.

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