Monday, July 09, 2007

Coffee and Cigarettes

My lonesome little deli/coffee house has been over run. My "outside the office place" of solitude has a number of new customers. It's no longer a haven, but it's got free wi-fi so I came here today. As my last post said I didn't want to come to work after a long holiday. Nope not at all. MTG didn't even feel or hear me leave this morning. She slept right through all the noise I made getting ready for work.

This cafe where I go to from time to time, it's little and uneventful and usually has no one around. (Which I guess isn't a good thing from a business point of view) I would come here and read at lunch or blog on my laptop, like I am right now. Plus work is just around the block so I can walk back in under 2 mins. But it's changing now. The hustle is here. But its an odd hustle. It's just a bunch of men in here. It's like a men's watering hole. Seriously. Just a bunch of men eating by themselves, having their coffee and cigarettes with their ham panini. It's weird.

Their all businessmen from the offices around and the car dealerships. Almost all of them have their blackberries out or ear pieces in their ears like the Borg. No talking just eat, read the paper, and out the door. The foods not that great now too. I ordered soup and had to stop eating it cause it so salty, Like a bowl of salt. I told the owner who also does the register and she gave me a sandwhich gratis.

As I sit here there is this a man who keeps glancing at me. He offered me half the paper that he was reading when I got here. Now everytime he gets up he walks past me, not that there's anything wrong with that but I'm not anywhere near him and he has to come out of his way to do so. My freakdar is reading a 10.0. I would have left but he already did.

One of the men that leaves, left his cigarette smoldering in the ash tray outside. It's a Camel, I can tell from the smell. I had an uncle that smoked those, unfiltered nasty things. I usually don't mind cigarette smoke but this one just stinks. Blah!

Finally as I type a few women come in and sit down outside too, breaking up the monotony. There's no point to this post. Nope none what so ever. Other than I might have to find a new place as this one isn't quite what it was.

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Beth said...

There is no worse day on the calendar than the first work day after a vacation. Depressing. Strips away much of that relaxation in two short hours. Sorry you're back ... but I'm glad you're back.