Friday, July 20, 2007

Parental Units

Ah..the parental units. It's interesting to be with them. I won't say that they're overly protective or anything. Infact their turning into those cute old couples you see that always argue with each other but in the funny ways.

This is what happend upon spending the weekend with them.

Pop: Your mum's been in a fighting mood. Did she tell you what she did at the new Wal-Mart this week?

Me: Nope

Mum: We went to the new Wal-Mart down the street here. And we got our stuff, blah, blah, blah. We were in the check out line and I had some coupons. I had the buy one get one free Head and Shoulders coupon for your dad's shampoo. The dumb girl there rang up the shampoo wrong, she charged me for two bottles instead of one. I told her and she was like, "Oh I'll go back and deduct the difference. Now the shampoo was like $6 something almost $7 bucks, and she should've halfed it. She went back and deducted $2.49. And at first I didn't think anything. But as we were walking out I went over the receipt and I knew that was wrong. I may be dumb at math but I know my money.

So I went to the customer service and told the lady. "Hey they charged me wrong for this shampoo. I had a buy one get one free coupon and the lady charged me for two but then went back and only deducted $2.49."

Cust Service Lady: Do you have the shampoo maam?

Your "DAD" who never stops for anything was already walking out the door. I told the lady, he was already out the door and I wasn't going to get him. The lady went to get the coupon from the register.

CS Lady: Maam it says here (on the receipt) that you got 2 24 ounce bottles, the coupon applies only to the 16 ounce ones. Infact she should've charged you for both.

Mum: How was I supposed to know can you read that tiny little writting about that on the bottom? (taking back receipt and looking at it) Hey wait a minute, she also charged me for two hair dyes and I only bought one.

Mum: (The customer service lady was already tired of dealing with me by now.)

CS Lady: Ok I'll credit you back for the extra hair dye.

(Back to home)

Me: Wow you actually still go the better of them.

Mum: Yeah but it shouldn't have happend in the first place. (pointing to my dad) and you should've stopped when I did.

Dad: I'm not stopping for that. You always find stuff to stop at when were leaving the store. I wanted to go home. I get tired easily. (sticks his tounge out of my mum)

Mum: Next time you better stop or else. (raises fist at my dad)

Dad: Blahh!!

Mum: Then the dumb people at the grocery store forgot to give me some of my stuff. I didn't get all my bags. So I called them up and told them and they told me to go back with the receipt and get what I forgot. I went back, I had to go back to the store, and pick up what they forgot to put back into the basket. The next day I was going to make some eggs. But I noticed that I they didn't give me my eggs or back or orange juice. But buy this time "YOUR DAD" had already threw away the receipt, why he has to throw everything away I don't know. Can't you ever just leave stuff alone for a minute.

Dad: No, cause then you leave a mess of receipts everywhere and you're not the one who picks them up. Always leaving messes about. How was I supposed to know you needed it again. (sticks tounge back out at mum)

Mum: Anyways I called the store again and told them, but they wanted me to bring the receipt. I told them your dad already threw it away and they should already know that they forgot to give me my stuff from the day before. Anyways I went back and they gave me what I still hadn't got.

Dad: See I told you she was in a fighting mood.

Me: Yup..

Needless to say the whole time with them pretty much was like this. Gotta love'em. :)

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Beth said...

I can't wait to get old so that I can get by with being crotchety!