Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Birthday and Word Verification

I'm sitting at work eatting my rice balls, oh how I love asian food. Except Thai, had a very bad experience once. (Don't tell me that bug is just a piece of cracked pepper.)

So tomorrow is my birthday. It was 26 years ago tomorrow, August of 1981. Me and MTV came out on the same day and same hour. Coincidence? Yeah it is, I'm just messing with ya. Hey I was born saying "I gotta have my MTV". Of course that's back when it was worth watching and they actually showed MUSIC videos during the DAY. Remember that? Do ya?
Unfortunately I have to work still tomorrow. But after that I have the rest of the week off. So Monterey here I come. And better news, Mix Tape Girl called and said she'd be able to go after all too. It must be nice being able to work from home. I need a job like hers.
Anyways, somethings been bugging me. Word verification. Now I know it's useful and I'm glad it's there. Helps me avoid spammers etc. However lovely readers when I read your posts and try to comment on them, it takes me forever to get it to work. Why I dunno!! There I am typing a message all proud of what I said. I drop down to word verification, and I put it in correctly. In fact I'm so OCD that I'll type it, erase it, type it again, erase again, and re-type it to make sure I have it right. But for whatever reason 9 times out of 10 it doesn't work. I swear it does this on purpose. I get the new word verification window to try again. So I do, same thing. Grrrrrrr....it's damn well intimidating. It's pops up staring me down. Damn you word verification, I will get my message through. After numerous attemps it finally takes. What gives? Look me square in the eye word verification I slap you with my dueling glove, it's pistols at dawn you shall not win. My comments shall go through.


gizmorox said...

Hooray! Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoy yourself in Monterey and have a lovely weekend.

Beth said...

I hate it when that blasted Word Verification freezes and wipes out my witty, brilliant comment. Electronic bastard.

Beth said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! You need to learn to never work on your birthday. I've been following that law since ... well, since you were born. I started my first post-college job in the summer of 1981.

BeckEye said...

Happy Birthday to you and MTV. While you get better with age, MTV has chosen the opposite route.

Word verification does suck, but I need it to keep the spam away and I don't like to use comment moderation. It makes me worry that people will think I'm "censoring" comments.