Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Just catching up

Phew. Holiday's can be tiring in themselves. So today Mix Tape Girl and I are pretty much taking the whole day to rest up. Especially after last night. Lots of dancing and drinks. I've absolutely fallen in love with pisco the national drink down here. I'm bringing back bottles and you're all invited for the party.

So while MTG continues to take her hour plus long shower I'm taking full advantage of free broadband in the room. While I patiently await my turn in the bathroom. (I'm to tired to bang on the bathroom door and yell. Ok so actually the door isn't even closed. But you get the idea.) So serveral of you have meme's that I believe I've been tagged with. Right Beth has them all down in a nice neat package so I'm going to use her setup cause all the meme's are in a nice little area to find.

So here we go.

Eight Bookish Things About Me

1. I still have all my Dr. Suess books that my mum bought me all those years ago. I even have them in the Dr. Suess carrying bags that came with them. That's back when my mum would order stuff from the coupons from the Sunday paper.

2. My favorite book of all time is now "Love Is a Mix Tape". I fell in love with this book the moment I saw it on the shelf. The cover grabbed me. I read it, I cried for Rob's loss, I was happy for the good times in the book. I see things a bit differently now reading it. It really clicks now that I'm with MTG. Really....in a very good way.

3. I still colour in colouring books. Which are my second favorite type of books after my first which is fiction.

4. Fourth are sticker books.

5. I read fiction. But not like Dungeons and Dragons or fantasy beast or wizard and elves and such. I could never get into that whole genre of books. I picked one up once, and couldn't force myself to finish it. I didn't interest me. I like fiction but taken from real life. Stories about normal (normal as in regular people) people that have things happen to them. Like, Monte Cristo, (personal fav) 10,000 Leagues, Last of the Mohicans, Robinson Crusoe. My latest favorite fiction book is "The Spellman Files" by Lisa Lutz. It's hilarious. When there's lines like, "I think I'm liking camp now. Their teaching us how to snort cocaine. I'm gonna like it here mom and dad. P.S.: Send money, lots of it." Of course you have to read the book to know what's going on. It's a great read. I recommend it completely. Especially if you have siblings, you'll laugh your butt off.

6. I read comic books and graphic novels. Thanks in part to my older brother. He got them read them and then gave them to me. I loved the art in them more than anything else. Which was good cause it helped me start drawing and painting etc at a young age. So much so that when I was in school I was offered an art scholarship to a rather large recognized art university, but turned down because, well...gypsie stuff. Forever on the move, thanks to the parental units. The one mistake I think moving cost me. If only...what if I would have gone....(sigh)

7. Scholastic, remember that? I truly hope you had that in school. I was always excited when they had the book fairs at school. I begged my parents for money to buy books whenever they came. I always got books on dinosaurs my favourite animals. Oh and bookmarkers. I always had to get a monkey shaped or lizard shapped bookmarker.

8. (sigh) I don't have authors that read my posts. :( But I do have a small but loyal list of awesomely cool readers. You guys rock.

8 Musical Notes

1. I DJ from time to time. When the mood is right, maybe twice a year. And when I throw the party, you better be ready to dance.

2. I still have tapes of me, subbing for the DJ that I used to do when I was little. I would record the songs from the radio. Splice the tape, record my own DJ retoric and the splice it all together. Sometime I would DJ on the fly, record the music talk on the mic while the DJ was annoucing over the radio and then record the music. I still listen to these tape from time to time, just for kicks.

3. My favourite artist is Paul Van Dyk. Favorite song by him is "Forbidden Fruit". When I heard that I was taken to a whole new world.

4. I got started listening to trance/techno/dance music about the end of high school. Like really into it. I mean I listened to it before, but wasn't truly into it. I would listen to Daft Punk, Erasure, Pet Shop Boys, etc. I loved their stuff, danced to it, but didn't know there was a whole life scene about it. It wasn't till I heard Alice Deejay that I truly got into the whole scene. I'm not saying I'm a raver etc, but I really got into it.

5. I heart Depeche Mode

6. Lyrics I live by: I've been through many times in which I thought I might loose it/The only thing that saved me has always been music/......../It's no question life's been good to me/'cause life ain't nothing but a good groove/A good mix tape will put you in the right mood - Beastie Boys - Professor Booty

7. Nina Peerson totally snubbed me at a Cardigans concert. I waited for an autograph and when it was my turn she got up, looked at me, and went into the tour bus. I was so mad. I still like their music.

8. If you make me a mix tape/CD anything music like, I'm yours.

8 Things about me, boring plain regular uneventful things

1. My favorite animal is the lion. Why I dunno. I have little lion statues at home and my office. But they have to be cool looking. Like my replicas of the ones at the Central Library in NY.

2. I have what I call Monkey Paw. My ring and pinky fingers are almost always curled. It's weird. It doesn't hurt. But I can't straighten them at the same time. When one is straight, the other is curled. It's weird. I can straighten them at the same time but it hurts like heck. My muscles in my hand and arm strains and it just hurts.

3. I don't worry about the huge amount of typos when I'm posting. I'll post it as is with errors and all. Which I'm sure you've noticed as you've read. However I do go back and scrutinize all the errors after I post. And it drives me nuts. I have to be 100% correct all day at work when preparing legal documents so I kinda could careless the rest of the time.

4. I kinda have my own gibberish (gypsie language) that I use. I picked it up from my mom. It's just really fast speech. (Think Brad Pitt in Snatch) Just running all the words together. Those closest to me understand it. But when I'm with someone new and I get excited and talk that way, yeah I get looks like, what the? Or when I'm upset I do it too. It's a mix of English, Spanish, French.

5. I collect things. Like figures and stuff. But not regular toys and stuff. More like very hard to find figures and vinyl toys done by artists. The kind of stuff you'd find on KidRobot.com. Though lately I've had a thing for Star Wars Bust-Ups by Gentle Giant. I dunno why but I think the clone troopers are so cool looking. I have a small army of them on my desk at work.

6. One more month and I turn 26. Ah crap.

7. I'm a prankster. People say it's always the quiet ones. That's so true in my case. Watch out for rubber chickens where you least expect them.

8. Hey the new Transformers comes out today. I'm so gonna see it when I get back. Me and my brother had almost all the toys then growing up. Although we had to wait for the Megatron toy to become a tank cause our mum didn't allow us to have the first verison when he was that giant blaster gun. Our mom didn't like us to play with guns. She tooks the guns away from our GI Joes so we had to make believe. But oddly having a Megatron toy that turned into a giant war tank was ok. On the other hand my mum didn't know we went to my older brothers best friends house and played with his dad's guns. Imagine a group of kids ages 7-13 playing with guns. And I was the best shot out of all of them. Needless to say we never told mum we fired off the elephant gun a few times. Though it took all of us to hold the darn thing up.

Ok I'm done. That was exhausting. MTG has been out for a while and wants to go out to eat before tonight. Hey they have McDonald's here. As for who I'm gonna tag, uhm...who ever wants to do this, go for it. Cause everyone I would tag has already done this. Oh I know. I tag 6th Floor Blog. Though I don't think they would all do it individually. Hey maybe (assuming you even read this) you all can do it as a group. One or all of the meme's.

Sadly holiday ends on Friday when we fly back. Oh well.


Beth said...

Bookish Things

The Dr. Seuss bags? Really??? Upload a pic of that! VERY cool.

You know, you turned me into a Love Is a Mix Tape fan. I wanna be Renee when I grow up. Except for the whole dead thing.

Gotta check out Lisa Lutz next.

Musical Notes

You need to figure out how to digitize those old DJ tapes and upload them here; I'd love to hear them!

Nina is now dead to me! But isn't their cover of "Iron Man" the best?

8 Things

Do you have arthritis in your monkey paws?

You're lucky that you can let typos go. I'm always tweaking and revising my posts. And I HATE IT when I find I've left a comment with a typo. It's my job. And my nerdy self.

Damn, child, I'm old enough to be your mama. Enjoy 26. And the rest of your holiday.

6th Floor blog said...

oh shoot. Now I have to figure out how all six of us are supposed to answer. Hmm..

6th Floor blog said...

Ann, brilliantly enough, has thought of something. Now she just has to write it. ;-)

Artful Dodger said...

I'll have to take a picture of those bags for you Beth.

I did find something to digitize the tapes I have. Just have to save up to get it. I'll try to post them as soon as I buy it.

Oh and their cover of Iron Man was awesome. ^_^

No it's not arthritis. Just weird monkey paw. Just some sort of muscle type thing. It doesn't hurt at all.

PS if you want you can make me a b-day mix.