Monday, July 09, 2007

Ob La Di, Ob La Da

Why??!! Why??! Why must I have to be at work today? It feels so crappy being back, and I'm still plenty jet-lagged. So much so that MTG and I pretty much spent all weekend sleeping. Sigh, the only thing about taking long trips is the travel back. Oh well, life continues.

Unfortunately life just jumps back at full force. I come back to find that I've been assigned a multi-million dollar case at work. (Yay!! if) Crap these files are so screwed up it's going to take me forever to get this done. So much research so little time. Half these things must be done by Friday. I'm a legal person, not a freaking wizard. How on earth people let things get this messed up for this long is beyond me. (Note to readers. If you are ever in a legal matter, be it real estate or anything, always, always, ALWAYS, keep your records for as long as you are alive. It will always come back to bite you in the ass when you least expect it, and if you don't have your papers your screwed.)

Ok so enough ranting. Here's a snippet from what almost got me in trouble on our trip. Well in trouble with MTG.

So her friends took us to a club. No biggie, it was a rather nice one too and it played pretty good music. We went there and all was well. MTG and I sat around drinking and talking with her friends for the first part of the evening. I danced a few dances with MTG and some of her friends, no biggie. Well, as the night went along MTG was being asked by some guys to dance with them. Now I'm not the jealous type but they seemed to have more on their minds than just dancing. So I was uncomfortable.

These guys waited until myself and another one of MTG's Chile guy friends went to get some more drinks. They pulled MTG's gal friend to dance and she pulled MTG with her. So when we came back there they were on the dance floor grinding all over MTG and her friend. no likey, Artful Dodger, angry, you no likey when me angry. Ok a little exagertaged there, I held my temper. But I should say I felt like that guy from the Mountain Dew "Vault" commercial. Have you seen it? The one where he goes to get his gal a drink and that hunk guy tries to steal her by giving her a pearl and he gets upset so he goes diving and brings her back a ton of pearls and lays the smack down on hunk guy. Yeah that was me. I was "pumped" and about to do something stupid.

From the dance floor MTG mouthed to me, "It's not my fault." Which pretty much made me laugh silly. Then she mouthed, "Get me out of here." and I was on my way. Little had I walked a few steps onto the dance floor than I was pulled into a dance by the Pisco Capel girls, (just like the Smirnoff girls you see at the club). So yeah...there I was having these (ok I admit it) drop dead gorgeous girls grinding on me. And well it was like "Woohoo!!", but at the same time I saw MTG giving me the evil eye from the other side of the floor. Uh oh, forgot to go get her from the He-man's that had abducted her and her friend. D'oh!!

Needless to say I had to stop dancing and pull MTG from the He-men, and we went back to our seats.

"What?" I mutter giggling.

MTG: "Nothing."

Aw crap, the nothing answer. I'm in for it.

MTG: Nice necklace (she points to the plastic beads with shot cup attached the Capel girls put around my neck)

Me: Uh..yeah I guess it is. (I take it off and put it on her. It looks nicer on you.)

MTG: (Trying not to laugh as she speaks) It does. Wanna go out and get another one so we can match?

Me: Yeah!!! (With Enthusiasm and a spark in my eye)...oh....I that's ok. Ones enough.

MTG: (now laughing) Dork

Me: Yep that would be me.

Needless to say we didn't stay much longer after that. We went to her friends house and talked and I danced with MTG only to some music her friends played. So fortunately I dodged the "Nothing" bullet. Though some how I think this will come up again in her favor. Me thinks, but hopes won't.

Well lunch time is almost over. And I need to get back to the office. And just as I'm typing MTG texts me that her nanna is in the hosptial and she'll be there. I think I might have more time for one more post. Then I guess its to the hospital after work.

Exit Artful Dodger stage right.

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