Thursday, August 30, 2007

St Elsewhere

Today was just weird. I mean weird. Okay, have you ever had one of those days where things just happen that you had no idea to expect? Well today was one of those days.

Now I didn't get up early to leave for work. But it took me forever to get ready. I left a little later than I would have liked. However I had a minor set back when I went into the garage and found that the cat had thrown up fur balls all over the top of my car, which then the fur ball juice proceeded to slide down my front windsheild. So I had to clean that up before I went too. I didn't leave ridiculously late, but it was later than I should have since I now have to fight the school time traffic. But no biggie.

I take off, I have my music jamming. I'm not half asleep or anything but I'm not really all in it either. I'm following behind a small mini-van off the exit to get onto the turn around for the highway I need to get on. Now just before the highway entrance there is a road that intersects, but the people don't have the right of way. Well apparently to this one person this morning, he did. Too bad for him his speed demon ways didn't work in his favor. So I'm behind this mini-van, and there's barely a cars length ahead when this idiot in a giant pickup decides to floor it to get into the lane to get on the other ramp to the highway going the opposite direction. I dunno what this guy was thinking cause there was no room for him. So he tried to get in the lane, over shot his speed and steering flew off the road and into the mud filled grass median and got stuck to where there was no coming out without a tow truck and a wench. Stupid person he could've gotten us killed. He got just what he deserved by getting stuck in the mud. So that was the beginning of the days adventure.

Work time throw downs.....
So it's not quite lunch yet but it's getting there. And we hear commotion. And I see my boss come in. (Now she's always off on Thurs, so when she's in there's a problem.) Then I hear a thud. Then I hear a baby crying. Yes a baby. Where on earth did that baby come from? Apparently one of the ladies there couldn't find a babysitter, so she brought her baby with her into work. Now really I don't mind the baby at all. But what happened next was crazy. Now my bosses office is right next to my teams, so we can hear the all the chisme even when we don't wanna. And the explicitives where flying (by the lady who brought her kid in). Long story short, the boss said, you need to have someone take care of your child elsewhere. (Now I should note that this is really hypocritical cause our other office {it's actually in another state} the office manager has taken his kids to work when he couldn't find a sitter. Thus the hypocracy of the whole thing.) So I was actually siding with the lady who brought her kid in.
Then all hell really broke loose. She got fired. Fired on the spot, with her kid with her. (Now another note, this lady has used up more time off than anyone else and didn't have any to spare. In fact just about no one else in the office has either. Except me I've budgeted my time. Of course I don't have emergencies involving children either. But general rule of thumbs is you don't have time off, you don't take time off. Circumstances pending.) So she stormed out of my bosses office, her little girl in her arms, cursing the sky away. Now I happened to be working on a case where I was on the phone with the office of the Secretary of Veteran's Affairs. No sooner had I dialed the number and fired lady was walking by our office than Pterodactyl Lady said something really stupid to the other lady.

The receptionist for the Sec of VA affairs picks up and at that moment this happens.

Receptionist (R): Hello, how can I help you?

Me: Me I need...(interruption)

Fired Lady: (Barges into the room screaming at Pterodactyl Lady) Bitch!! You got something to say, say it to my face!!! You (I won't say but you can guess)

Pterodactyl Lady: (is just speechless and can't say anything)

Fired Lady: (More explicitives)

Pterodactyl Lady: Hey there's no need for that, I was just saying.

Fired Lady: (puts baby down and gives Pterodactyl Lady a mean right hook)

And then all hell breaks loose.

Me: Uhm....I'm sorry, I'll have to call you back.

Yeah a cat fight breaks out right next to me while I'm on the phone to the Dept of VA Affairs. Needless to say there's going to be hell to be paid tomorrow. Of course Fired Lady won't be there but still. The rest of the day was just messed up beyond belief, everyone was in shock. We'll see what Pandora's box this whole mess brings up tomorrow.


Beth said...

Oh. My. Gawd. Are you working in an office or sitting on the set of "Days of Our Lives"? I gotta read the follow-up!

gizmorox said...

Holy crap! She actually threw a punch? Sweet. I think I'll go out like that when I've finally had it at my job.