Monday, June 11, 2007

Artsy Bookie Comic

Every so often I come across a book, comic, whatever that I just get. Recently I read this little graphic novel. (Ok its a comic but it's longer than normal and it's not regular comic have to read to understand) Anyways, it's a great short story. Seriously I finished it in a little over 30 mintues.

It has everything to do with art. And me being me LOVES ART!! It's about coping with life through art. It's just a nice story, although probably aimed mostly towards girls. Regardless I still love it.

Make me think of way back when. When being when I gave up an art scholarship to a rather big well known univiersity because of friggin moving all over the place. Oh well.

Other art publications I read too in regards to art.

Art on Paper:

And of course me being a sticker fiend (honestly I like put stickers everywhere in our building. Seriously there's banana stickers all over the office and hidden inconspiculously in the elevator too. And our office)

Peel: cause it always comes with free stickers.

Hmmm...maybe if I have time I'll scan and post some of my drawings, paintings etc. Maybe..

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