Thursday, June 07, 2007

Picture Time

Since I can't think I thought I'd share some pictures.

The first three are from the morning. It was a very pretty morning, the pictures don't do the sky colour justice. The other ones are at night on the way home. I took these with my mobile so they're really crummy.

Here's a bird nest. The birds hatched their chicks in the hanging plant infront of the front door. you can kinda make out the eyes of some of the chicks.

Found this little guys at a store. He's supposed to be some anime soldier frog from another planet so the box says. He's tiny and hard to stand up is all I know after opening the box.

This is actually a mint tin. I got it at Hot Topic. You buy these mints and it supports musical arts in school. Me being all for supporting musical arts in schools had to buy one. Although once opened the mints are really tiny and look like asprin or dare I say ecstay. Honestly they just need the crazy face on them and you couldn't tell. Don't ask how I know that ok.


6th Floor blog said...

I always love pictures of the sky. They're not too bad for a cellphone camera.

Beth said...

Fabulous photos. And even more fabulous skies.

Can I have the little anime guy when you're done with him? He's very cute.

Artful Dodger said...

Glad you all liked the pictures of the sky. But like I said it just didn't do it justice. The sky was bright red and orange. Simply brilliant.

Beth: I'll ship him to you. Maybe you can figure out how to stand him up without leaning him against something like I have.

Beth said...

I'll make wee cruches for him.