Thursday, June 07, 2007

Ikebana Broken

I should be working right now but today is one of those days. Everything is out of whack and I sense hordes of bad juju about. Stupid sense I guess, but I do get this sense from time to time. Plus it hasn't helped that my right eye hasn't stopped twitching since this morning.

I feel...I feel..odd. I'm staying at a friend’s house right now, house sitting while their gone. I went to sleep rather late, tossing and turning as I'm not used to their bed, though it was very very soft and comfortable. It just wasn't "my" bed. I finally feel asleep and slept very well. But it was too short. Odd thing is I actually woke up ok. I felt rested after I got up for the first few hours. But by the time I got to work, everything just felt wrong.

The feeling was odd. I didn't feel sick, in fact I felt more than relaxed. I started getting very very sleepy. I know this is probably to the tossing and turning, but it became more than that. As my morning progressed I couldn’t for the life of me do anything. I was lethargic but more. I don’t know how to describe how I suddenly felt exactly but the best I can describe it was like a hangover, without the sickness or headache. It was just weird.

I quickly went to Starbucks during break as it’s just down the street for a hot chocolate. It did the trick in waking me up but that was about it. Chocolate has the effect of waking me up more than coffee for whatever reason.

I returned to work from break feeling a little better. But when I got to my computer, I could not concentrate for anything. I’m staring at letters and numbers and reading them but they don’t make sense. I know what I have to do and do it, but it’s taking me forever to do it. I think I worked a total of three files from when I got in to lunch time, a while five hours of semi-productiveness that annoys me as it’s not like me.

But that’s not all that is bothering me. I dunno, it seems like the whole world is off balance today. Nothing is in its place. As it’s oblivious to most people, to me right now it feels like things are Time slows down and then speeds up without normal rhyme or rhythm. Like things are here that shouldn’t be but goes unnoticed by everyone. I dunno, I think I’m just tired and not thinking right.

So during lunch I went out just to drive. I went down the highway a little to one of the main roads. Things still feeling very off. But at least I’m wide awake now. Although now that I write this I’m starting to get sleepy yet again, but not too much. Anyways on the corner of an closed down gas station there was a man selling plants. Namely bonsai trees. I always wanted one so I figure I’d stop to have a look. Look I did. Oh man!! No wonder the universe is out of whack! $50 bucks for a little tree??!! They were pretty and all but…nevermind. Anyways, he had some other plants there we well. Some beautiful Ikebana arrangements and bamboo arrangements as well. Not too expensive so I ended up buying a Ikebana arrangement and a bamboo one too.

So I brought them back to my office and placed them strategically at my desk. Note: I’m not into the whole reasoning behind Ikebana or Feng Shui, but I’m just feeling odd today so I figured what the heck. They look nice on my desk. Are they doing anything? Not really. I don’t feel any different, but oh well. I think just the thought of buying something made me feel a little better. Shopping always does. Oh well. I’m still just sitting here typing when I should be working. Maybe I’ll get into it tomorrow.

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