Friday, June 15, 2007

Pretty Feet & Gallons of Pepper

MTG: I'll have the number four please?

Cashier: And for you sir?

AD: I dunno. Uhm...the number 10.

Cashier: Ok, would you two like large or medium?

MTG & AD (at the same time) "Medium" "Large"

Cashier: Ok one large and one medium?

AD: Yes maam.

Cashier: Regular or curly fries?

AD: Curly please (MTG always gets curly so I order for both of us.)

Cashier: Any jalapeno poppers or cheese sticks shakes?

AD: Not for me?

MTG: Can I get a small Oreo shake please?

Cashier: Sure...Anything else?

(Both together) No

I pay the cashier and MTG goes to find a seat in the corner. I picked her up for lunch from work. The cashier hands me a decorative antenna ball. I didn't ask for it but I take it anyways. Oh we're at Jack in the Box. The cashier hands me our two drinks and the shake. I take them to the booth were MTG is reading a local culture newspaper, "The Current".

MTG: Hey Kenney Chesney is coming!

AD: I know

MTG: We'll be back from Santiago by then.

AD: Indeed

MTG: It would be nice to go you know.

I smile and nod my head. She doesn't know I already bought tickets. MTG rolls her eyes.

AD: This is a huge drink. (I say looking at my monsterous large Dr Pepper)

MTG: You going to drink it all?

AD: No way. I'll probably drink maybe an ounce and throw the rest away.

MTG: Now why would they give people huge drinks like that. It's like saying no to the small size that's like as big as a bottle of coke, and instead getting a drink that's more than you'd get in a six pack.

AD: Wow, where did that come from?

MTG: I'm just being exurberantly contemplative today.

AD: Yeah I see that.

MTG: Honestly why are we giving people gallons of soda to drink. It's crazy.

I go back and pick up our food. MTG has her legs extended to the other side of the booth when I get back.

AD: Comfortable then?

MTG: Yes very.

MTG: Do you like my new shoes?

I look at them while scrapping the mountain of mayonnaise off the bun.

MTG: Well.

AD: They're very nice. When did you get them.

MTG: This past Sunday when I went out with my sis.

AD: Jeeze this is mostly letuce and mayonnaise. Look at the size of the chicken breast. I think they're killing chicks and using them instead of full grown chickens.

MTG: I wouldn't doubt it. But you'll eat it anyways right?

AD: Yep, delicious chicks.

We eat our lunch and talk. Halfway through MTG asks.

MTG: Have you decided what you're going to take on the trip.

AD: Haven't even had a thought.

MTG: What?? I already have my outfits planned. Am I going to have to pack for you? I can get us matching outfits. (She said with an evil smile)

AD: I can pack myself thanks. Lets see I just need a pancho, some Hot Wheels, a thermometer and some flip flops and I'll be set.

MTG: That's not funny. (She says while laughing)

MTG: I have a bag just for my shoes.

AD: Now how can you have a bag just for shoes?

MTG: I'm a girl that's what we do. It's all about shoes baby.

AD: I have four pairs of shoes. Work, tennies, Boots, and dress. You have half a closet full.

MTG: Open toe sandals, pumps, high heels...(she keeps going)

AD: See how can you need all those shoes? It boggles the mind.

MTG: You just don't understand. (she says as she tapes my leg with her foot still up on the bench.)

MTG: I have nice shoes. They show off my feet. I'm always complimented on my feet.

AD: Uh..ok that's kinda creepy.

MTG: (laughs) Don't you think I have pretty feet?

AD: Yeah their nice. But honestly I'm not really paying attention to them most of the time.

MTG: How's your mayonnaise and letuce sandwich?

AD: Fattening.

MTG: Want the rest of my fries?

AD: You needn't ask.

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