Thursday, June 28, 2007

Holiday Picture Time

Just some quick pics from Holiday. Enjoy Con Amor from Santiago de Chile

There was Scottish dancing marching people here. Why I dunno? But they are neat to watch.

They have just about the same cereal that we do. Estrellitas are the smashing. MTG friends had them and I ate some. I'll have to bring back a couple of boxes.

How can you not resist going on a horse and buggy? We got on this one right after the snapshot. How touristy can you get? I think I somewhat embarassed MTG cause I kept blowing kisses at people as they passed by.

Some house on the beach.

At the metro. Very NYC no?

Flower arrangments at the market.

Check out that old school lorry with 4 doors. Rarely see that in a small lorry (truck).

Cafe with wifi. A nessecity.

Flower clock. This looks so much like Niagra Falls in this area.

The hotel and in the inside.

View from the room.

And the plane.

Will update later. Gotta get ready for our next outting.


Beth said...

How very, very cool! Did you stay at that house on the beach (go ahead and lie to me).

Artful Dodger said...

LOL uh, sure we did. :P We snuck in the house (like Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet on Eternal Sunshine). As wish, it was a nice house. The weathers been nice fortunately. Thanks global warming. So it hasn't been too cold. But too cool to go into the water anyways.

Beth said...

It really looks lovely. How long will you be down there?

And don't you love "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"?

Artful Dodger said...

Yes Enternal Sunshine was lovely. I watch it all the time. Along with Stranger Than Fiction.