Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Picture time yet again

Again I have things to write down but I don't feel too much like typing during break. So

This is a picture of my nephew. Ok it's a pic of a pic I have on my desk. It's grainy from the mobile cam. But he's the only boy after my brother and I to carry on the family name. All of our cousins on my dad's side are all girls.

Baby sitting. Ok so I babysit from time to time for a good friend of mine so the can go out for a while and relax. Their good kids and don't cause trouble so I have no problem in sitting. MTG took these pics. The last one is a nice moment of calmness. Right after the pic was taken the little boy pushed his sister off the couch. Only to have a pillow thrown at him in return.

Sometime things work out right. Lookie a Hungry Man dinner for lunch. Ok nothing spectacular really but if you look closely none of the ingredients are mixed together. There was no corn in the brownie!! No corn!! It made my day.

Lastly I found this picture on Flickr. I dunno who it is or where it's at but I love it. It said on the comment, "4 am standing in the street". I like it cause this is something I would be doing. On the weekend of course.

And just a note, I leave this weekend on holiday and won't be back for two weeks. I'll try to post again before I leave, but if not, don't worry I haven't forgotten about you. My faithful all like 5 readers. :-P Who knows if I can find a good wireless place that isn't too expensive I might post down there too.

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Beth said...

Have a lovely, long holiday! Going anywhere cool?

Great photos; great kids.